Saturday, April 30, 2011

Kuwait's New Police Car ?

I was in the car with That Stupid Blog and saw this Prado with grey and white stripes. One question was on my mind, could it be the new police car ?

It's kinda strange since most of our police cars used to be American cars, if it's true and they're switching from American to Japanese I think it's for the best since most American cars can't survive our weather specially in Summer.

What do you think, should they go with American or Japanese cars ?

Review: "Thor"

One of my "Five Movies to Watch" list, Thor was incredibly amazing and I enjoyed every minute of it. Marvel movies are getting better and better each year, can't imagine how the Avengers movie would be like with all these super heroes in one movie.

What I really enjoyed in the movie is the highly detailed graphics and the story was breathtaking from the beginning of the movie till the end.

My rate for Thor is 8.5/10, highly recommended.

Note: Thor must be released on May 6th, so thumbs up for Cinescape !

Friday, April 29, 2011

Shake Shack

I always wanted to try out Shack Shake's burger from the moment I saw Mark posting about it in his blog. The pictures he took makes my mouth water, that's why I'm so happy that they're going to open in Kuwait and I don't have to travel to the US just to try their burgers out.

Can't wait to try them out !

Royal Wedding Fever ?

The comedian Will Ferrell making fun of the Royal Wedding at David Letterman's show, he also sends William and Kate his best wishes.

This guy is crazy I must say.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Angry Birds' Covers from Fuchsia

Yesterday I went with my friend Ahmed to the avenues and decided to pass by Fuchsia. The place was full of accessories specially for mobiles like iPhones, BlackBerrys, iPad, Galaxy Tab and Galaxy S.

Because I'm very addicted to the game Angry Birds, I decided to buy the three characters I've found at Fuchsia. Each cover costs 3.5KD but if you buy three you'll get the third one for free.
The three covers cost me 7KD only.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Narybu at Gloss Salon

Narybu is a famous salon owner and stylist in Spain. Her salon Narybu is one of the best salons in Spain, and she has 3 different branches in the Spanish territories including Marbella, Malaga, and Las Palma. Narybu is well known for her professionalism and creativity and for using the best products in the industry.

She's expert in both Japanese thermal straightening technology "YOKO" and the improved Keratin Complex smoothing therapy; which is totally odorless, environmentally friendly, and absolutely great for your hair!!

To help you look fabulous and get the hair you always dreamt of, Narybu will be waiting for you from 29/4 to 5/5 in Gloss Salon Jabriya.

The Bloom - Kuwaiti Short Movie

One of the best Kuwaiti short movies I have ever seen. It brings out a beautiful message to everyone. I really loved it.

Good job BioFilms!

VIVA Bites The Apple

 Today was the social network event by VIVA which was held at Chocolate & Macaroon in The Avenues with the attendance of dozens of bloggers, media and special guests. VIVA announced one of the greatest news ever, they're finally an authorized seller for iPhone4 and soon for iPad2.

Now you can buy an iPhone4 from VIVA with one of their packages in a very cheap price starting with 69KD.  Also VIVA will have a technical support for your Apple products which is kinda new in Kuwait since iCity and Digits were only resellers and don't fix iPhones.

At last, they were very kind to give away an iPhone4 for all the bloggers and guests. It was a pleasure also to meet @p0ach, @mark248am, @OmarAlothman, @noufalmodhayan, @Q8ALLINONE, @KhalidDashti, 360Dewan, @his_hers_q8 and @7ajidude.

Thanks VIVATelecom

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Win Shakira & Amr Diab Concert's Tickets With Wataniya

After we enjoyed the first backstage event featuring NeYo by WataniyaTelecom. This time it is Shakira & Amr Diab concert, win free tickets with Wataniya by being part of the contest on the Facebook page. The contest will starts today, don't miss it !

For more info please check Wataniya Facebook page.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Redbull Car Park Drift - Kuwait

We were invited by WataniyaTelecom to one of the best events I've seen by Redbull only if there was no dust in the air since we literally ate dust while watching the cars drifting. It was nice to see such an amazing event specially when you're so into cars and drifting.

Mortal Kombat: Legacy

Mortal Kombat: Legacy is a 2011 web series that takes place before the events of the first game and tells the background stories of several characters from the franchise, culminating in their reasons for participating in the first Mortal Kombat tournament.

I've seen the first episode of the series and it was really interesting. Each episode is 10 to 12 minutes long only however it's action packed with plenty of exciting scenes. I can not wait to see the rest of the episodes.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sergio Ramos Drops The Copa Del Ray Cup

Kinda sad and funny at the same time, I just hope that they can fix the cup since it has been 18 years for them trying to win this cup and Ramos just dropped the cup along with million jaws of Real Madrid fans.

I wonder what will happen to Sergio Ramos after this.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Experience Human Flight

I would love to go skydiving someday and experience the amazing yet scary feeling. Go ahead and experience human flight with the Melbourne Skydive Centre

Have you ever tried Skydiving? If so, please share your experience.

No More Burger King and Pellini At Oula Station ?

The idea of having a fast food restaurant, coffee shop and a grocery store in gas stations is what we needed years ago. However, I was shocked when I first saw Burger King and Pellini at Oula Station closed by the municipal.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Music Of The Week: "Bruno Mars - The Lazy Song"

Very nice song by Bruno Mars, even though it's about being lazy ( reminds me of a friend ). I don't understand why Bruno chose monkeys to be in his music video but I liked it !

Enjoy !

Burger King Dessert Shots

We had the chance to try the new desserts from Burger King, The BK shots. They come in 4 flavors which are chocolate, lemon-lime, raspberry and toffee. I've tried them all and my two favorite dessert shots are raspberry and chocolate, they were so delicious. It all depends on what flavor you prefer however my least favorite was the lemon-lime.

The BK Shots are available starting today so go ahead and try them now. Each shot cost 0.500 fils only.

Burger King 1811111

A Girl with Perfect Animal Sounds

This girl is totally unbelievable at copying animal sounds. She even does it so naturally as if it's a piece of cake.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Boring Classes Might Hurt

True story from BBC network. A girl yawned at her government and politics class ( Can't blame her actually ) with her mouth wide open, this caused her jaw to dislocate and she couldn't shut it down.

I know lots of students LOVE their classes very much, but just a reminder don't open your jaw to it's limit when yawning.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Caribou's Fudgy Wudgy Chocolate Cake

I might considered as Caribou's number one fan in Kuwait since I go there almost twice a day just to pick up my favorite drinks or food. This time I saw some new cheesecakes with funny names like Fudgy Wudgy Chocolate Cake and Dolche De Leche Cheesecake.

Since I'm addicted to chocolate, I tried the Fudgy Wudgy Chocolate Cake and it was incredible. It's a must for every chocolate lover, but make sure to buy a bottle of water next to you since it's literally filled with chocolate !

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Kuwait International Film Retreat - Day 2

 Since I was at Wataniya's backstage event I missed Kuwait International Film Retreat day 1. It's basically an event that concentrates on movies and the film industry in and outside Kuwait.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wataniya's First Backstage Event Featuring Ne-Yo

Yesterday was a day to remember from the press conference till the concert. I will show you what we did step by step and give you a full coverage of what happened yesterday.

We went to Sahara Resort to start with the press conference and have the opportunity to ask Ne-Yo whatever we want to ask. I was really amazed by how humble and kind he was, he almost signed for everyone plus took some shots with us and other fans who attended the press conference.

After that there was a lunch at Al-Mayyas, Al-Bida'a. We went there by limos and had the lunch with Ne-Yo himself only that he was in another table along with Wataniya's CEOs. However, we enjoyed the limos and of course the food.

The Avenues was our next destination. The moment we entered the mall and all we can hear was girls screaming with Ne-Yo's name. Like what he did in the press conference, he was very kind and dealt with as many fans as he can handle by signing to each one of them. He actually gave his sunglasses to one of his fans, she must be the luckiest girl among all the fans.

Then we went back to Sahara Resort were we rested a bit then head to the stage. Fans were increasing rapidly and the stage was full in no time. Mean while, DJ Crow was in the house playing some music while we were waiting for Ne-Yo to show up at the stage.

As soon as Ne-Yo showed up and the crowd went crazy specially that his performance was pretty much amazing. I really enjoyed the concert and wish if the stage was even bigger to handle more fans.

I would like to thank WataniyaTelecom for such amazing experience, I really enjoyed everything we did that day and can't wait to attend the next one !

Also it was an honor to meet other bloggers which I consider them as brothers/sisters 360Dewan, BlogLaish, Q8Path and Ansam518.

Update: Click here to see dozens of photos that we took of the event.

Thanks WataniyaTelecom

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ne-Yo's Backstage Tickets

Just got my backstage tickets from our sponsors "WataniyaTelecom" to attend Ne-Yo's concert, and before that I'll be one of few selected people to spend the whole day with Ne-Yo from the morning till midnight. To be honest I'm so excited and can't wait for tomorrow to come.

I'll take lots of photos so you all can see what I'm gonna experience, it will be like if you were there with me. Also I might tweet some pictures every once and a while, you can follow me @MohammedQBM.

Note: Ne-Yo will arrive Kuwait Airport at 9:00pm today.

Thanks WataniyaTelecom

Music Of The Week: "Chris Brown ft. Benny Benassi - Beautiful People"

Very nice music video performed by Chris Brown ft. Benny Benassi and it's dedicated from us to our beautiful readers, specially you !

Enjoy !

Angry Birds Rio

I've downloaded the newest Angry Birds game last week and you guys can't imagine how addicted I became from that day till now. It's much better than the old one and has many new tricks plus awards in this game.

This time instead of beating down pigs, you'll have to break free all the birds in the game by hitting the cages. So basically it's the same idea but with different story. Also I can't wait for Rio the movie to be released, to watch the trailer click here.

Because I'm an Android user I downloaded the game for free, so I don't know how much it costs for iPhone users. However, it's a game that you all must have specially if you love the old one.

Monday, April 4, 2011


ToughTech is the first company in Kuwait that concentrates on the toughest products in technology, specially mobiles. We did post about Land Rover and Sonim Spirit both were brought by the same company, ToughTech. Now you can contact them thru their facebook page, check their products and place your order.

For ToughTech's Facebook fan page click here.

Review: Planet Hollywood - Kuwait

A place I always wanted to visit since I first saw their logo while driving in Gulf Road. Planet Hollywood restaurant is located inside Olimpiya building which is in front of The Scientific Center.

The place is nice, I really loved the decorations and they have a good taste in music too. It was cool enough to see your favorite celebrity's hand print and signature. Also in every table you see photos of some of the top celebrities when they were younger.

As appetizers we ordered boneless chicken wings and Nachos, both weren't bad at all but the Nachos was full with oil. So my advice to you if you're on a diet stay away from the Nachos.

Then we had our main dishes, I had Fajita Combo ( Chicken and Beef ) which was a very delicious dish that I might have again. My friend Salem got his BBQ Chicken Pizza and he said it's good only if it wasn't full of oil.

Overall, we loved the atmosphere and the design put the food was very average and have lots of oil in it, so our rate goes 8/10 for the atmosphere and 6/10 for the food.

Ne-Yo In Kuwait

Wataniya Telecom are organizing a great event especially for R&B fans. Ne-Yo will be in Kuwait and customers will have the chance to see Ne-Yo and spend a day with him. 10 winners will get to spend a day with him and 35 will get a picture and autograph. Click here for more information on their Facebook page.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dr. Fish Treatment in Kuwait

Dr. Fish is a famous feet treatment as fish consumes the affected and dead areas of the skin, leaving the healthy skin to grow.

Betty Boop Salon for ladies are offering Dr. Fish treatment. I never tried it before but I've heard it's ticklish and worth trying.

Betty Boop Salon is located at Jabriya, for more information call them at 25356064/25356040

Friday, April 1, 2011

Youtube in 1911

Have you ever wondered how youtube will be like in 1911 ? .. Ok lets go 100 years back, and imagine having the best youtube channels in black and white.

It's funny, but thank God that we're in 2011 !

HTC Flyer

I was thinking of having iPad 2 or wait for Motorola XOOM, but when I knew that HTC are producing a new tablet I realized that I have to wait and figure out which one to buy. We all know iPad 2 features and for the XOOM you can check our post here.

HTC Flyer considered as HTC's first tablet. It has a 1.5GHz processor, 32GB internal storage, 1GB RAM, 7-inch touch screen which is the same as Galaxy tab and got the latest Honeycomb build for Gingerbread. Since it has an Android OS you surf the net like no other mobile or tablet does, and I mean by that the iPhone and iPad of course.

One of the things I really liked about the HTC Flyer is "HTC scribe technology", a pen that simply can do anything you want with your tablet even signing contracts "If you can see it .. you can write on it". I always wonders when they will produce a tablet with a pen, now I can write and draw easily !

If you asked me which one I'm going to get, I'm skiping iPad 2 and Motorola XOOM and aiming for HTC Flyer. It has an Android OS, perfect size and has more features than both tablets. The only thing that beats the HTC Flyer that it has a one core compared to iPad 2 and Motorola XOOM which they both have a dual core processor.

Flyer will be released on Q2 of 2011, should I buy it or wait for more tablets to be released ?

For more HTC Flyer features click here.