Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My US Visit Experience

I've been in the US for the past month and I just got back to sweet home. We had a wonderful time and I would love to talk about the best places to visit in the states.

Our visit started in Philadelphia, then moved to different places including Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and a quick visit to NY, Washington DC and Atlantic City as they were near philadelphia at the east coast.

Philadelphia:My only visit to Philadelphia was to see my brother Barmait as he was studying at Temple University. Abdullah if your reading this please excuse my honesty I know you love Philadelphia so much. My only bad remark concerning Philadelphia is that it is not a clean city; streets are somewhat dirty and at night the place becomes a city of ghettos. However looking at the bright side, I found Philly rather interesting as it had lots of great places to visit. They have many interesting spots like the City Hall and Rocky Steps.

They have the second biggest shopping mall in the US called King of Prussia Mall only 20 minutes away. I loved their restaurants, if you visit Philly I would recommend you'd go to the first Philly steak ever made called Pat's Cheese Steak, we also went to a perfected version of Pat's which is called Geno's Philly Steak. Lorenzo is a great pizza place, they only sell a cheese pizza and it's famous for it's huge size of pizza and good taste, it's located at south street. Philadelphia is a great place to visit. Even if you think about going somewhere else, it's only a few hours away from great cities like New York, Washington DC and Atlantic City.

If you love the beach then Miami is your #1 place. Miami's south beach is considered to be one of the best beaches in the world, not to mention that the sun in Miami is hot for a sexy tan. If your going to Miami then you have to have a hotel at the south beach for the best experience.

The best place to visit for Miami at night is the Lincoln Road Mall and it's only a walking distance if your at south beach. They have many shops, restaurants and coffee shops at this road. What I love about them is that they close at 12am some of them close at 1am too.
We've stayed in Miami for 5 days and I think it's enough time for Miami as a small wonderful vacation.

I'll talk about NY, Los Angeles and Las Vegas on my next posts.

Do not miss these reviews coming soon:
* Delano Hotel - Miami Beach
* Gansevoort Hotel - Miami Beach
* Indoor Skydiving - Los Angeles
* Bellagio Hotel - Las Vegas
* Venetian Hotel - Las Vegas
* O Show - Las Vegas
* KA Show - Las Vegas
* Movie Review: The Hangover Part2

Be sure to check back soon.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cocoa Room Opening Date

According to Cocoa Room's twitter account ( @CocoaRoom_ ), it will be open on the 1st of June which is after 4 days from today. Only breakfast will be available at the opening.

Can't wait !

Friday, May 27, 2011

Obama Embarrassing Moment At Queen's Banquet

When I studied politics in the university, our instructor mentioned how sometimes presidents do mistakes when visiting other countries specially if they are not familiar with their culture and beliefs. Not knowing the National anthem of the country you are visiting and talking while they're playing it, is a total disaster.

Thank God the queen didn't punch him in the face.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hotel Missoni Grand Openning

Yesterday I was invited to attend Hotel Missoni grand opening which is located in front of the Scientific Center, next to Olympia mall and back to back with Symphony mall.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Urban Moon - Kuwait Guide App

Today I downloaded and tried this great app called "Urban Moon - Kuwait Guide" and from its name the app is a guide for almost all the activities in Kuwait like events, restaurants, shops, blogs, cars rental, maps and much much more.

Win Signed Jerseys With Taw9eel

Win a Signed Barcelona and Man United Jersey. Celebrate with Taw9eel the Champions League Final and win a signed shirt by the entire Barcelona and Man United Team.

The competition is really simple and these are the rules from Taw9eel :

1) Everyday we post three easy questions in one go – We will post them on
Twitter (@Taw9eel) and Facebook (Facebook.com/taw9eeldotcom)

2) Answer the questions and if you want to win the Barcelona Shirt add #Taw9eelBarca to your answer … if you want to win the Manchester United shirt add #Taw9eelMan to your answer.

3) Any correct answer gets you a ticket in the raffle. The more questions you answer the better chance you have to win.

4) We will announce the winner on Saturday Morning.

I would definitely try winning a signed Barcelona jersey !

Thanks Nasser

Monday, May 23, 2011

Strawberry Cream Oreo

While ago I posted about new Oreo flavors that I found in the Co-op, few days back I was at Sultan Center and noticed a newer Oreo with strawberry cream flavor. The compination of Oreo and strawberry was really good, but I still prefer the original Oreo flavor.

Nothing beats an Oreo with a glass of milk.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Federer & Nadal Fit of Laughter During Shooting

This is what happens when you put two of the best tennis players in the world face-to-face in front of the camera. Federer and Nadal are friends and they know each other long time ago, no wonder why they can't stop laughing even at the end of the video.

And the accent *thumbs up*

Five Apps You Must Have

List of my favorite five apps that I can't stop using on my iPhone and I recommend each one of you to try them out since they're very useful.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Real Life "Call Of Duty" ?

Those who finished the game "Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" will know how good this video is since it's exactly based on it but with real people. The video is fan made but with incredible graphics makes you want to see even more.

Really wish if they could make a movie out of it.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Review: Salad Creation

I've tried many salads from different restaurants and Salad Creation was one of the best, you can choose one of three kinds of lettuce and my favorite is the ice burg. Like Subway, Salad Creation will let you choose the whole ingredients for you salad.

The New FCBarcelona Kit 2011/12

The new FCBarcelona kit for the 2011/12 season has more vertical stripes than ever (as many as eleven) and on the inside there is a graphic with the words ‘Tots units fem for├ža’ (together we are stronger) taken from the club's anthem.

The away kit will be plain black, which I didn't like at all since even the shorts and socks are black too. On the front of the shirt and in the same yellow as the Catalan flag, appears the name of the sponsor, Qatar Foundation, while the Unicef logo has been moved to the lower back.

If you asked me, the previous kit is much better than this one.

Hidden-Ball Trick

Maryland team just pulled of a hidden-ball trick which made them score against UNC in the NCAA Tournament.

Just brilliant !

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Review: McDonald's Grande Chicken

One of the best sandwiches at McDonald's was the Grande Chicken, it was for a limited time only and they stopped serving it for a while. Now it's back with three different sauces, the "Classic" is kinda tastes like the normal McChicken, the "Deluxe" taste exactly like the old Grande Chicken and the "Special" which has the same sauce Chicken Gourmet has plus bacon.

I honestly liked both the Deluxe and the Special Grande Chicken, if you like mustard try Deluxe and if you already love Chicken Gourmet try the Special.

Grande Chicken is my new favorite sandwich from McDonald's.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Lamborghini Aventador

I loved the LP 670-SV, but this car is just something else. When I first saw the Aventador I noticed a mixture of LP 670-SV from the front, Gallardo from the sides and Reventon from the back. The Aventador can be named LP700-4 also.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

PSN is Back to Life !

I just opened my PS3 and decided to check if the PlayStation Network is still under maintenance or not, and the most surprising thing just happened when they asked me to update the PS software. Hurry up since you have only one month with a PSN plus membership which gives you the ability to download free games and paid games with low prices.

First you'll have to enter a new password and then you'll be able to sign in and enjoy playing like you always do.

Now the PSN is back, so go ahead update the system and enjoy playing online !

Guest Writer: Falafel Nadia

We have a guest writer "Fouad Haidar", who would like to share his experience with Falafel Nadia to our readers and this is what he said :
"After its successful opening in 360˚ Mall, Falafel Nadia is now delivering to homes and offices. Enjoy the high quality, taste, and personalized approach in the comfort of your own space. Falafel Nadia offers both great tasting and varied menu options with high nutritional benefits, from unique pita sandwiches to healthy falafel salads. Combo and family meals are also available to suit different occasions, while the homemade puddings and chocolate mousse are a must."
I tried it once and their falafel were extremely delicious, I recommend everyone to give it a try.

Location: 360˚ Mall, L2 K3
Delivery Number: 668 998 68

Thanks Fouad Haidar

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - Teaser Trailer

Just saw this teaser trailer of  "Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3" and I'm literally drooling. Yes I'm addicted to all Call Of Duty parts and I'm ready to get my copy as soon as it's available in Kuwait stores.

I heard that the new Modern Warfare will be based on true events and they might refer to the Navy SEAL team that killed Osama Bin Laden ( Source ).

The release date is on November 8, 2011.

Blogger is Back

Blogger.com was facing a technical problem that stopped us from posting for couple days. First the PSN was hacked and now Blogger I almost lost my mind, but thankfully it didn't take that long to be fixed.

Blogger was in read-only mode, we can enter and view the website only but can't edit or post anything at all. Thank God everything now is back to normal and Blogger is working just fine.

Now we're back to posting, stay tuned.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

First Suicide Jump From Burj Khalifa

A man has committed suicide by jumping from the world's tallest skyscraper in Dubai, according to its owner. The man, in his 20s, fell from the 147th floor of the 2,717ft (828m) Burj Khalifa, landing on a deck on the 108th floor, local media reported. Reports on the websites of the Gulf News and 7 Days newspapers said the man had jumped after a dispute with his employer. Also police statements showed that a holiday he had requested was turned down.


Review: Burger King's Cheesy Chicken Royale

Yesterday Burger King gave us the opportunity to try their latest product, the Cheesy Chicken Royale. I love the original chicken royale but this one is even much better with all that mixture of cheese inside the chicken patty. It has shredded mozzarella and mature cheddar supported with natural cheese flavor.

From now on if I'm going to order from Burger King again I'm gonna choose the Cheesy Chicken Royale instead of the original Chicken Royale. The regular meal will cost you 1.450KD only.

It's recommended specially for cheese lovers !

Thanks Bibi

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Nadal's Tweener Against Djokovic - Madrid Final

Nadal proving that he's one of the best Tennis players in the world with this between-the-legs winner shot. The funny thing here is that Federer also shot a tweener against Novak Djokovic in the semifinals ( Watch Here ).

However, even with this incredible tweener Djokovic defeated Nadal and wins Mutua Madrid Open 2011.

Coca Cola: The "Brrrrr" Can

The new Coca Cola can looks nice and gives you the feeling that the drink is cold as ice, cool idea made to kill the heat ( Hopefully ). The moment I saw the can I didn't realize that its a Coke until I rotate the can to find their logo.

Check the ad here.

Johnny Rocket's Mini Burgers

I passed by Johnny Rockets days ago and noticed that they've added new items to their menu, Johnny now have mini rockets and mini hot dogs. I've tried the three minis and they were delicious as usual specially the mini rocket, but the only thing I didn't like is the chili over the second hot dog.

Couldn't try the other items since we had a movie to catch. I would definitely have them again, but this time without the chili hot dog.

Real Life Street Fighter ?

I think this is how the game "Street Fighter" will look like in real life, incredible work and my best part is from 3:18 to 3:34.

Check their channel for more fight videos here.

Monday, May 9, 2011

PSN Still Hacked, Good or Bad ?

I have read lots of complains from the first day we figured out that the PlayStation Network is hacked, including me since I'm addicted to the video game "Call Of Duty: Black Ops". However, if you look at the bright side you'll notice that many of your friends, family or even husband are back to real life instead of the virtual life they've been living in.


"DailyBurn" is my number one app for iPhones since it gives you the ability to calculate your daily calories and how much you need to burn, this app is like having a trainer and a diet expert in your pocket.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Review: "Fast Five"

Everyone was talking about how good the movie "Fast Five" is and some consider it as the best movie in 2011. Yesterday I saw the movie and it was good, loved the cars and the action scenes but to be honest the movie has lots of mistakes. The Rock was the only actor that is ALWAYS sweaty in every scene, and the story line wasn't that good.

What makes this movie good is the cool cars and the chasing scenes. Overall, it's a good movie but they should reconsider the tiny details in the story and it will be brilliant. My rate for this movie is 7/10

Check the trailer.

Friday, May 6, 2011

No More Auto Car-Wash Service at Alfa Al-Mansoureya ?

Yesterday I went to Alfa Gas Station at Mansoureya and noticed that the auto car-wash building was closed and empty from the inside. I asked the workers but it seems like nobody knows if they're going to bring newer machines or shutdown the whole building.

One of the reasons that made me think that Alfa are going to renew their machines is so they can stand up against Al-Oula Station, since their gas stations are much cooler and have almost everything you need. I also thought that we might see a mini market with cafe shop and restaurant soon inside this empty building.

However, the auto car-wash service was much faster than having workers washing your car. As you can see in the photo, this area used to be almost empty or has only 3 cars as maximum and now it's loaded with cars waiting to be washed.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Flying By Using Chewing Gum and Helium

According to this video inhaling helium gas doesn't just change your voice, it gives you the ability to fly too. By using helium and chewing gums only, these four guys was able to fly by exhaling the helium inside their lungs into the chewing gum.

Do you think it's real ?

It's fun but I don't recommend you to try it.

AlJazeera Sports and Lothar Matthaus Fight

Lothar Matthaus is a former Germany captain, Bayern Munich and Inter Milan player who was extremely upset since he cancelled his flight to London so he can be able to appear on AlJazeera TV, but they told him that his appearance was scheduled for the next day.

What do you think ? Over reacting maybe ?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Need For Speed: The Run - Teaser Trailer

I love playing soccer, first person shooter and racing games on my PS3. So I tried "Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2" and it was very addictive specially when you have all these models of cars in one game, plus giving you the chance to drive your favorite model as a police car.

"Need For Speed: The Run" looks promising and appears like it has an interesting story line too. The teaser shows that you had a car accident and got some flash backs. They didn't show much about the game but the details really amazed me.

It's a game that you must have specially when the PSN is still down.

Justin Bieber With A Brilliant Impersonator

I couldn't stop laughing from the guys amazing celebrity impressions. This video is a must see, it's so damn funny!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Warning: Google Chrome Shows Passwords

Google Chrome and a few other web browsers have a unnecessary option that saves any password you type and actually shows it. Be careful because anybody who is using your laptop can actually check your passwords or add his password to the list without knowing.

This is how it works:

1- Go to Google Chrome
2- Click on tools [top right side icon]
3- Options
4- Personal stuff
5- Manage saved passwords
6- Click on any website then press show

The best way to remove this option is to click on "Never save passwords" unless your computer is being used only by yourself.

This might be old news to a few people but I'm only giving the heads up.

The WVIL - Concept Camera

Imagine a professional camera that has a touch screen enables you to do almost everything with your photos like editing, changing the effects or even send the photo to your Twitter or Facebook account with one click. The WVIL camera helps you to do all that and more, it's a concept camera envisioned by Artefact's award-winning design team.

The patent-pending WVIL system takes the connectivity and application platform capabilities of today's smart phones and wirelessly connects them with interchangeable full SLR-quality optics. Wireless, Viewfinder, Interchangeable, Lens Full frame CMOS sensor can mount Nikon F, Canon EF Mount, Four third Lens and Leica M via adapter all this in one camera.

I would definitely get a WVIL as soon as it's available for sale !