Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Review: The Expendables

Silvester Stallone , Jet Li , Jason Statham , Terry Crews , Micky Rourke , Dolph Lundgren , Steve Austin , Randy Coutour

The Good:
- It's basically an homage to old 80's action movies hero's the like of " Schwarzenegger , Stallone , and lundgren ", I loved a lot of the scenes in this movies. It's been written with love and passion. It's really a good tribute to those 80's action movies, and it slaps you on the face with the nostalgia factor to those days.

- The action in this movie is surprisingly very accurate. I was amazed by the martial arts moves done by the amazing Randy Coutour and Jet Li, you can feel every crack or kick being a huge fan of MMA the movie was eye candy to me.

- The reunion of the 80's most famous action stars, Stallone , Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis it's simply a laugh out loud scene, you can sense that they are a bunch of old friends making fun of each other while the camera happens to be rolling. It really shows you the core of this movie which is mindless fun.

The Bad:
- It's a sad shame to see a lot of rising and famous action stars assembled in one movie just to have a two or 3 lines without any connection between the viewer and the characters, by the end of the movie I couldn't remember a name of even one character

- The action as I mentioned above is amazing, but what really put me off was the fake blood and fire, it was all made by CGI which is a real shame, cause after a couple of fight scenes it becomes noticable and annoying

- I expected this movie to be a summer blockbuster, I was wrong, the quality of the movie is straight to DVD at best the lines are weak, and you feel it's acting except for Micky Rourkes scene its pure awesome.

- Towards the climax of this movie a couple of things nagged me, the lack of energy in the story it's simple 2 lines someone is killed another 1 line and another bad guy is killed, it lost it's pacing quite shockingly and went into action mode, and the accuracy I mentioned above went straight to hell towards the end of the movie .

This movie is about fun, pure mindless fun the kind made die hard or predator such huge successes in the 80's, it was a blast watching all those huge stars in one movie and the one liners are back which something sorely missed in todays action movies, it will hit hard if your nostalgic about those stars and you will enjoy it to the fullest just don't expect a good story.

Rating 7.5/10

The Expendables will hit kuwait 1st day of Eid , and I can assure you there's nothing to be cut from the movie it's totally clean ( unless Cinescape went on the fritz again )

The Expendables 2 will be hitting around 2012 hopefully with Steven Segal and Jean Claude Van Damme as rumored.

Reviewed by Muerte

The Real Zain's Wonderful Life Song

I saw the real song's video from one of my friends "Azalsh", I really liked the song kinda slow and relaxing. The original song belongs to a band called "Black" and the video was made in the year 1987.

And this is Zain's wonderful life Ad

Michael Jackson Without Surgery

Scientist tried to find out how would Michael Jackson will look like today without all the surgeries he made and this was the result.

I just can't imagine the without surgery MJ doing the moon walk !

Monday, August 30, 2010

Review : Taal Restaurant

We were invited by Mr.Athbi Al-Kandri to one of the best Indian restaurants here in Kuwait "Taal" which is located between Movenpick and Friday's Al-Beda'.

The place was extremely amazing and the atmosphere just perfect and we really loved the place.

To start, they gave us three Indian special sauces along with their delicious crispy bread bites. I really loved the green sauce which is called mint raita or cucumber-mint raita, the other sauces one of them was kinda sweet and the other contains onions.

Then we enjoyed our soups, "Murg Dorra Shorba" the one that has corns on the top and "Murg Malai Shorba" which is actually a chicken cream soup. We both loved those two soups ! - ( 1.550KD each )

As soon we finished from our soups the starters arrived, "Lahori Seekh Kebab" is simply a medium sized kabab with kinda spicy tender. - ( 4.450KD )

"Murg Potli Kebab" is a spicy chicken mince wrapped in chicken breast cooked in tandoor served with a flaming sword as you can see in the picture above simply amazing. - ( 4.650KD )

"Cottage Cheese Tinkae" is cottage cheese marinated in Indian herbs and believe me the cheese was extremely tasty, we both guarantee that you'll love it ! - ( 1.650KD )

and "Malai Prawns" is prawns tossed in butter, garlic and cream flavored with onion seeds. - ( 4.750KD )
To be honest, we liked them all specially the "Murg Potli Kebab", "Cottage Cheese Tinkae" and the sauce of "Malai Prawns" was unbelievable.

For the main course we had four different selections "Prawn Curry" which is prawns cooked with chillies and coconut. A must to try ! -
( 5.750KD )

"Murg Jaitun Jaffran" is chicken cooked with marinated olives and saffron in a nut flavored gravy. - ( 3.950KD )

"Aloobukhara Kofta" creamy cottage cheese koftas stuffed with dried plums, simmered in a flavorsome and full-bodied curry. I really loved those, the cottage cheese just makes everything tastes good ! -
( 2.950KD )

"Mushroom Hara Pyaz" is a fresh button mushroom tossed with onion and tomato masala sprinkled with spring onions which I really recommend specially for vegetarians and mushroom lovers. -
( 2.900KD )

Along with two kinds of rice "Saffron Rice" and "Murg Dum Biryani", both were made perfectly. ( Murg Dum Biryani - 3.950KD/Saffron - 1.750KD )

The drinks were something we weren't expecting, we ordered "The Godfather" and "Blue Ocean" each drink was a total blast ! Also chocolate milk shake was purely awesome ! ( Godfather - 1.900KD/Blue Ocean - 1.800KD )

As for dessert we tried "Chocolate Rasmalai Terrine" which is cream and chocolate cake slice stuffed with rasamalai. - ( 3.000KD )

"Gulab Jamun" kinda like our traditional sweet "lugaimat" but bigger in size. - ( 1.500KD )

"Kaisari Rasmalai" is a reduced milk dumplings soaked in milk flavored with pista and saffron. - ( 1.500KD )

"Chocolate Ice Cream" well, it's my favorite flavor and the way they made is more than excellent. - ( 2.000KD )

Over all, the food was very delicious and the waiters were very, very friendly. What really attract us about Taal is their warm atmosphere that suits the quality of food they serve, and the design that was just marvelous and inviting. Here are some pictures of the place that we took that day :

Finally, we would like to thank Mr.Athbi Al-Kandari and his friendly staff for giving us the opportunity to try out their one of a kind restaurant, it was an experience that we won't forget and a place that we would love to visit again.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Yummy KWT

During ghabga time, I received a bucket of some delicious sweets. Yummy KWT is a 100% freshly baked pie. I tried a couple of their sweets and they were simply delightful. They easily melted in my mouth and had a delectable flavor while I loved.
They offer many mouth-watering flavors including various of great services.

I would like to add that I loved the design and layout of the website.
Click here for their website
Click here for their FB group
To place your order call them at 55552025

A mustache Baby

I never saw a baby who is so adorable with a mustache. The music video is so funny.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Many Tears Of Leonardo Dicaprio

He is one of my favorite actors no questions asked, even his crying scenes are done perfectly.

Friday, August 27, 2010

No Gucci in Villa Moda ?

That's a negative .. Gucci store will still be in Villa Moda, but they just changed it's place. It's located behind the old Gucci store ( which is closed now ), and as the salesman said to us they'll be having old collection for women only. The new Gucci collection will be available in Gucci store in 360 Mall with products for both men and women.

Here is an old picture of what the place used to look like before closing Gucci.

Sleep Standing Up

I would love to try sleeping while standing. The upright bed is kinda like a huge bean bag which I believe that it's very comfy and it's designed by Ernesto Neto, a contemporary visual artist from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

But isn't sleep standing is kinda unhealthy ?

Pretzel M&M's Commercial

A really funny commercial from Pretzel M&M's combined together.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Birthday Celebration Fail

Take a look at the kids reaction. She was so excited about her birthday, now look what happened!

Boneless Wings at Fridays

Me and Mohammed went to TGI Fridays and noticed that they have 2 boneless wings instead of one. Both of them have the same price which is KD 2.750 and as our waitress said, there's the new and old boneless wings. We didn't get much details on the difference between each one of them so we decided to order both and compare for ourselves.
The new boneless wings was big, hard and crispy which tasted more like KFC chicken, unlike the old/original one which were tender, sweet and more delicious. For my next visit at Fridays I'll go for the old boneless wings right away.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Philippine's Bus Hostage Drama

On Monday the 23rd of Aug, Philippine commandos have stormed the bus with 24 Hong Kong tourists held hostage by a former policeman, ending the 12-hour standoff in Manila. Eight of the hostages have been confirmed dead. The gunman has also been killed in the storming.

The operation started with police firing on the bus' tires to immobilize it, then using hammers to smash windows, doors and windscreen. They were forced to withdraw after a series of hunshots rang out from inside the vehicle, but renewed the storming later.

I just can't believe that they were using only one riot shield and one hammer for the storming operation !

Monday, August 23, 2010

Al-Roudan Tournament

I just found out that Al-Roudan Tournament are uploading most of their games on youtube. If you missed any good matches don't worry because you can watch them on their official youtube channel with high definition quality.

Pizza Burger

Burger King NYC came up with a great new idea of a pizza burger, it's a 9-and-a-half-inch wide burger made with four Whopper patties topped with pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, marinara sauce, and Tuscan pesto sauce.

I would love to try the Pizza Burger. It Looks scrumptious!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

FIFA 11 vs PES 11

I personally can not wait for FIFA 11 to be released.

Space Saving Sofa Bed

I've seen a sofa that turns into a single bed but I've never seen one that can give you a double bunk bed. That's just awesome.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Death of A Spider by Cats

I never knew cats could manipulate with spiders like that. That's pretty interesting and funny to see.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

History of The Kuwaiti Flag

These are very interesting facts about the history of the Kuwaiti flag. Did you know that our first Kuwaiti flag looked like the current flag of Bahrain?

Viva More Ramadan Advertisements

VIVA MORE is the line of postpaid packages from VIVA, offering you flat minute rates, customizable add-ons, and the best minute rate in Kuwait.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

2 Fails in 1

The camera man and the guy crossing the road are both wrong, but surprisingly they acted like nothing happened at all. I wonder if the same thing happens here in Kuwait, would they act the same ?

I don't think so ..

Testing VIVA's First 4G Network in Kuwait

We were invited by Hind Al-Nahedh ( Social Media & Integrated Marketing Manager ) for the official announcement of the new, first and only 4G network in Kuwait presented by VIVA on Tuesday 17th of August in Marina branch.

They gave us a new wireless adapter ( quite bigger than the old 3G adapter ) that looks kinda like a range rover's key from it's shape and size, developed by Samsung to test the 4G network which is considered under the LTE technology ( Long Term Evolution ). This new technology will be provided to the public soon.

Internet speed was really fast, the download speed is almost 70MB and the upload speed is between 30-35MB and we downloaded iTunes ( 65MB ) within 3-5 minutes which is really fast !

Advantages of the new adapter and the 4G network :

- Faster.
- More Responsive.
- Lower Cost.
- Added Capacity.
- Flexible.
- Global.

To conclude, we would like to thank each and every employee working in VIVA, it was a pleasure to meet you all and thank you again for giving us the opportunity to be one of the first to try out the new and only 4G network in Kuwait.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

McDonald's Way to Satisfy Their Customers

Today at 1:30am I went to McDonald's Al-Roudha and the place was full of cars waiting for their orders. I parked exactly next to the restaurant's gate hoping that they'll take my order immediately but I was wrong .. It actually took me 30 minutes just to give them my order.

When they finally decided to give my car a visit and take my order, I shouted at them because of the way they ignored me and kept me waiting for almost half an hour. However I was afraid that they might do bad things to my order since I shouted at them, but it was totally the opposite they doubled my oreo, kitkat and fudge which made me extremely happy and satisfied !

After all it is McDonald's, and yes I'm Lovin' it !