Monday, May 31, 2010

Gaza's Flotilla Attacked

At least 20 passengers have been reported dead ( Some say 9 others say 19 ) and over 60 wounded today when Israeli forces stormed Freedom Flotilla ( Vessels carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza Strip ).

Number of 18 Kuwaiti activist were on board :

Mubarak Al-Motawaa
Salah Al-JarAllah
Haya Al-Shatti
Wa'el and Sundos Al-Abduljader
Sunan Al-Ahmed
Abdulrahman Al-Kharraz
Abdulrahman Al-Failkawi
Salah Al-Muhaini
Osama Al-Kanri
Abdullah Al-Ebrahim
Ahmed and Maryam Loqman
Waleed Al-Tabtabaie
Najwa Al-Ammar
Dr.Waleed Al-Awadhi
Muna Shashtar
Ali Bu Hamad

The ships were carrying more than 700 passengers aid mission to deliver some 10,000 tonnes of supplies to Gaza,. We urge world community to build pressure on Israel to release all innocent detainies and condemn Israel on this act of crime against humanity.

According to KUNA, Kuwaitis in freedom convoy are safe and sound.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Event : SHOWREEL 2010

Mass Communication Department in GUST proudly presents "SHOWREEL 2010" today from 6:00pm till 8:00pm, in this event they will show a large collection of projects that have been made by GUST's students like :

- Short Films
- TV Commercials
- 3D Animations
- Motion Graphics
- Senior Showreels

Support our students by attending the Conference Center W6 (Auditorium) at GUST today !

Thanks Aziz

Saturday, May 29, 2010

2 Years Old Baby Smokes 40 Cigarettes A Day !

I just can't believe what I'm watching, a 2 years old Indonesian baby smokes not just one cigarette .. but 40 each day !

The problem is that his parents are encouraging him to smoke and now the baby is addicted to nicotine.

Friday, May 28, 2010

2nd Red Bull Flugtag - Kuwait

Get ready for the 2nd Red Bull Flugtag challenge in Kuwait. The idea is to design, build and pilot homemade flying machines of a 6m high flight deck in hope of flying above the water .. or fall into the waters below. Flugtag means Flying Day in German, pushes the envelope of human-powered flight, but competitors need more than airtime to reach the podium.

The Flugtag will be on the 5th of November, almost 6 months of preparing for the challenge. Teams will be judged on three criteria : Flight Distance, Creativity of the Craft and showmanship.

To apply now click here.

The Real Life Solid Snake - Metal Gear

Every body knows the most famous game "Metal Gear" ( Mostly guys ) produced by Konami and the incredible video game designer "Hideo Kojima". Solid snake is the main character in this game and while surfing the net I found this image of an old man that looks exactly the same as the old solid snake.

I hope that they create a movie of the same video game, this will be more than amazing !

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Computers Suck

This is so true !!

Hole in The Wall ( Human Tetris )

A TV show called "Hole in The Wall" in the English version and "Human Tetris" in the Japanese version. The idea of this show is simple, there's a hole in a wall that moves towards you and all you have to do is figure a position that makes your body fits inside this hole or it will push you into the water.

The TV show is old but it will be available in an Arabic version very soon !

The Very First Kuwait - 1795

A painting of the very first Kuwait back in 1795 when the ruler of Kuwait was the late Amir Sheikh Abdullah Bin Sabah ( The First ), the second ruler of Kuwait. In 1756 Sheikh Sabah Al-Awaal was the first assumed leadership of Kuwait. You can see in the painting above what is called "Al-Kout" ( fort in English ), and Kuwait got it's name from this fort.

This painting made by the artist "Asa'ad Bu Nashi".

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Coca-Cola World Cup Ad.

Chameleon Lizard

My friend recently bought a chameleon lizard and I was fascinated by what it can do. The chameleon can change their skin colors depending on the environment and it's mood.
If you put it in a colorful position it reacts with the same color it touches. If the chameleon got angry or uncomfortable it reacts by changing it's skin into multiple dots.

Thanks Mehsin!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Monday, May 24, 2010

PS3 Building


Android 2.2 is Better than an iPhone ?

Android is a software stack for mobile devices that includes an operating system, middleware and key applications. This software will take over the world in no time because of 4 killer features :

1) Faster speed : According to Google, Android 2.2 is 5 times faster than the previous version and the reason behind this speed is a compiler called Dalvik VM JIT that boosts the CPU's performance.

2) Tethering / Hot-Spot support : It means that it has a built-in tethering support and the ability to use Android phones as a Wi-Fi hot spot.

3) Flash : This is a huge step for Android to have flash support in their phones since Apple phones don't have a flash supporter.

4) SD Card and Apps Backup : Now you can download your favorite Apps from your SD card also backup and restore Android Apps.

It's really obvious that Android is competing with Apple, and it appears that Android will win this .. Or should we wait for Apple's iPhone 4G ?!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Q8 Morning Challenge

If you have seen the world's fattest man, you would want to do some exercises... with a smile!

Trim Club

Trim Club is a studio designed for women that offers a holistic approach to the woman's fitness & lifestyle. It is a new club in Salwa that holds different activities including a spa, salon and fitness center.

Trim Club also has a great feature where you can schedule meetings online. The place is located in Salwa block 6, street 4, Trim club building.

Click here for the website
Click here for the FB page

Thanks EKR!

World's Fattest Man

A lifetime addict to food, weighing 800 pounds (362 KG). Paul Mason is currently the world's fattest man. Given less than two years to live.
That's just so sad!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Nike-Write The Future

The best nike ad. I have ever seen. It's about how any touch, tackle or free kick could crush a nation's hopes or cause them to build a statue in your honour at the world cup 2010. Featuring Drogba, Cannavaro, Rooney, Iniesta, Fabregas, Pique, Ronaldo, Ribery, Ronaldinho, Federer and Kobe.

Video seen at Frankom

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bachelors Only at Cinescape Theatres!

Cinescape has finally made a bachelors only screen at 360 mall. Now we can finally have the chance to take the good seats at the back!

I hope that the next good news for Cinescape will be that they'll remove the censorship and replace it with a rating policy.

Are The Dots Moving?

Pray for "FourMe", Help Her Fight Cancer

We received this from a reader called Anas :

"A Kuwaiti blogger FourMe is suffering from Hodgkin's Lymphoma, a form of cancer. A community of bloggers have put effort to create a website for her called Pray44me. It would be great if people post prayers and give support to her. We have no idea who's prayers are going to be answered. Please spread to the word, help FourMe fight cancer."

We as Q8 Black Market, supports FourMe and prays for her to recover very soon. We have great faith in you and "insha'Allah" you will defeat this cancer. Be strong and remember God is always there to look after you and we won't stop praying too.

You can do it !

Thanks Anas

Your Favorite Disney Movie?

What's your all-time favorite Disney movie?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Charity Dinner

Click on picture to enlarge.

Mug with A Temperature Sensor

A cool mug designed in Germany by Iskander Mukhammadeyev ( Sounds like an Arabic name to me ) with a temperature sensor designed to look like a battery life. The battery life will appear if the temperature of the mug is more than 36 degrees Celcius. This will help me to be more careful while drinking hot drinks and try not to burn my tongue or lips.

The mug's price is almost 8 KD, to order your mug click here.

Toyota IQ

Kuwait Cities and The Reason of Naming Them

Sheikh Abdullah Al-Jaber Al-Sabah explaining the purpose and the reason of naming almost all the cities in Kuwait.

To see part 2, click here.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Champions of 09/10

English Premier League - CHELSEA
Spanish League Primera - BARCELONA
Italian Calcio League - INTER MILAN
German Bundesliga - BAYERN MUNICH
Kuwaiti League - AL-QADSIA

The teams deserved to win and congratulations to all the fans!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Kuwaiti Translation

I spotted the screen when I was at the scientific center. Should they start translating our cinema movies in kuwaiti as-well ?

Is It A Must Trend ?

Seriously ? .. Do we have to replace each and every car's license plate with the new European license plate even if it doesn't fit ?

A new "habba" we might say ?

Saw this photo in twitter, uploaded by Hameedosh.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

"Heroes" Canceled by NBC

It is now final, we won’t be seeing the fifth season of NBC’s drama Heroes. Yup, no more Hiro Nakamura and Sylar.

NBC decided to cancel Heroes because of its consistently declining ratings and high cost. The show’s first season have an average of 14.5 million viewers. Succeeding seasons on the other hand failed to capture the same audience average, falling to 6.5 million. When it last aired on Feb. 8, it only brought in 4.4 million viewers.

The Heroes’ writers also struggled to keep the twisting narrative on track. Characters were killed off and resurrected with regularity. Narrative threads were started, then later abandoned without much story or a clear conclusion. At some point, the show was in a complete mess story-wise.

Via: The Daily Inquirer

Garrett Popcorn In Kuwait

I've talked about the amazing and delightful taste of the Garrett Popcorn, well guess what? It is now available in Kuwait!

Garrett's popcorn comes fresh straight from dubai to your house, fresh as if you bought it from the store - 14 KD for the gallon including the delivery charge.
Hurry up and reserve yours now:
Tel: 55522773 - 67670250

Only few gallons left!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Great White Sharks Became Peaceful Creatures?

I did post about Kevin Richardson "The Lion Whisperer" who play and sleep with lions as if they were cats. Valerie Taylor is an Australian shark and underwater expert, she loves to hand-feed the great white shark and pet it's nose. I don't know how she does it but if I were in her shoes I might faint immediately !

Look at the video above, the shark can grab her hand while taking the fish and have a very delicious meal instead of these tiny fish but it doesn't .. It's like feeding a puppy !

Kevin plays with lions and Valerie pets great white shark's nose, what's next ?!

Crazy iPad and iPhone Cases

If you want your device to be unique and funky then check these out. Yummy Pocket is an online shop that sells cute cozy felt homemade iPad and iPhone cases. I liked three iPad sleeves the Gameboy, i-Sketch and Domo the monster.

They will be perfect as a gift specially that they won't cost you much, the most expensive iPad sleeve is around 10KD and the most expensive iPhone case is around 7KD.

To see the whole collection and order visit Yummy Pocket.

Sue T-Rex at Scientific Center

Buzberry had a giveaway competition and whoever answers a question about Sue wins 2 tickets to the exhibition in the discovery place. Well, I won, I won, I won! This is the first time I win at something and I'm so happy about it.

I went to the scientific center and had to check out the place. There were a lot of cool fossils displayed about Sue and a couple of useful information about the dinosaurs.

Kids can also have fun by exploring different exciting games. I personally had so much fun in the exhibition.

A special thank you to Buzberry for their giveaways.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Three Kuwaitis to Create iKout App

Omar Al-Haddad ( Computer Engineer ), Mansour Al-Sarraf and Fahad Al-Mudhayan ( Computer Science students ) created "iKout" game for iPhone/iPod/iPad. Because of the great graphics and playing style, it become the most downloadable application in Kuwait, the 2nd in UAE, 7th in Egypt, 8th in Saudi Arabia and 40th in the states. The idea came in November 2009, then they started creating iKout in December and it took them 5 months to finish the game. On Sunday the 9th of May, iKout was downloaded 2000 times since they launched the game.

To download the app click here.


Oprah's No Phone Zone Pledge

I took Oprah's No Phone Zone pledge. Join me and help make our roads safer. Sign the pledge today.

Click here to sign oprah's no phone pledge

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Must See: Swedish Cartoonist Attacked!

The swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks who drew prophet mohammed was assaulted by Muslim protesters while giving a lecture about free speech at Uppsala University in sweden.

The World's Best Drinking Water

I've seen Isbre when I was at GUST's global island exhibition and I was tempted to buy it. Isbre is considered to be the world's best drinking water according to the United States Patent and Trademark office. The glacier is believed to be at least 5,000 years old - one of the oldest and purest water sources in the world.

Isbre's water source is located below the Hardangerjokulen Glacier at the end of the 100 mile long Hardanger fjord in Norway. Microbiological testing and independent laboratory analyses have shown that Isbre glacier spring water is purer than the rest. Isbre has the lowest total dissolved solids ever recorded for a natural, unprocessed water.

I've tried Isbre and compared it to Abraj and Aquafina. Well, to be honest it didn't taste that much of a difference between the other brands of water. However I did feel that Isbre was a bit purer and softer than the rest. Isbre costs 500 fils. I never tried a luxurious water before so this was my first experience and it will probably be my last one.
Click here to check out 248am's Ultimate Water Review

Cakewich Sandwich Cake Molt

Everyone loves a good sandwich, now you can have one for dessert too! It's a giant sandwich cake pan with a side order of fun! Molded from super-strong, dishwasher-safe & oven-safe pure silicone.
This is a creative way to have your dessert. It doesn't look mouthwatering to me but I would love to fill it up with caramel and try it some day.

Thanks EKR

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Don't Talk While He/She Drives

These images capture the dangers of distracted driving, telling the story from the other side of the conversation. I love this Ad.

Playstation Move

PlayStation Move is the most immersive gaming experience possible. Using advanced motion sensors and the PlayStation®Eye USB Camera, your every movement is mimicked on-screen in breathtaking Blu-ray powered HD. Take core gaming to a new level or bring your whole family in on the adventure with a title line up that will excite every gamer. PlayStation Move is slated for worldwide launch in Q3/Q4 2010.

What an amazing new device from PS3! I hope it becomes more accurate and fun than Wii's controlling system. The challenge will be much stronger now between Sony's PS3 and Nintendo's Wii after the upcoming release of the Playstation Move.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Global Island Bazaar at GUST

You are cordially invited to the Annual Bazaar by the name of Global Island 2010" at G.U.S.T a carnival which includes a bazaar, food and beverages, and a DJ plus a magician who came exclusively to the Middle East for this event. Global Island is based on countries worldwide and as we promise that there are many surprises to come.
Date: 10/5/2010 & 11/5/2010
From: 12pm to 10pm
Click here for a video preview

Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Real Beast Master - The Lion Whisperer

Kevin Richardson is an animal behaviorist and he's so close to animals that he can sleep with almost every kind of them specially big cats like lions, tigers, cheetahs, leopards and more. You may not believe these images put this man trust a lion over a human and spend his time with them as if they were cats not a predetor.

Kevin has had an accident were a 4 years old male lion attacked and start bitting him, but something about Kevin's passive reaction made the lion stops. Thats why he never engages wild animals if he feels there is something wrong.

He says that he can get close to any big cat under a year old and become friends with it, but he feels more safe and comfortable with animals he has known from birth.

It's kinda scary but I would love to have a lion as a friend !

You can watch a video of how Kevin managed to create this bonded friendship with lions by clicking here.
For more pictures and videos click here.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Sheikh Sabah Visits Benedict XVI

We're in Kuwait Blogs App

The new update for Kuwait Blogs App is now available in the app store with three new blogs including our blog. So iPhone users get our blog's latest updates by downloading Kuwait Blogs App from the app store now.

Special thanks to our friend Mark.

Maidan Clinic Gift Voucher

I've heard a lot of great things about Maidan Clinic especially from p0ach. I have given the opportunity to get my teeth cleaned and whitened at the same time.

Maidan Clinic were kind enough to offer 2 gift vouchers. The timing can't be any better because I just recently removed my braces and now it's time for a cleaning and whitening work. I will make a full review about Maidan Clinic concerning their performance and service so check back really soon.

Famous Websites As Cartoon Characters

Imagine if websites like Facebook, youtube, google and other famous websites were cartoon characters, I think this is how they would look like.

Specially Google, Wikipedia and Deviant Art !

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Best Cry Ever ??!

I don't know if i should be sad or laugh. Somehow I find it so funny, this video is a must watch!

Posted by Mehsin

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Post My Pillow

A new and creative way to leave your notes specially for married couples. You can write what ever you like in the pillow, erase and rewrite again.

The price is $24 ( Almost 7KD ), to order click here.

Restaurant Birthday Lies

Have you ever had your birthday in a restaurant just for fun when it's not even your birthday? Check out this hilarious video!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A women's life

A beautiful Ad. of a woman's life by John Lewis
via 1Life2Live

Monday, May 3, 2010

Water and Pepsi Halal

Since when were there haram water and pepsi to begin with?

These bottles and cans were found in Malaysia.