Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Harry Potter - The Finale Trailer

Harry Potter's finale will be presented in two parts, one in November 2010 and the other in July 2011. From the trailer I guess it will be more like an action movie which I would love to see.

Filthy, Filthy, Filthy!

I'm not going to explain what happened with the german manager during the game because what he did is just too disgusting. Go ahead and watch the video!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Airplane Relaxation?

I was flying on *** Airways and the flight passengers were full. Now, would someone please explain why the women's legs in front of me are on the top of the seat?
This is one of the most inappropriate things someone can do in an airplane.

How to Order McDonald's with Baby In Car?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Qatari Sheikh Al-Thani Buys Malaga Club

Member of the Qatari royal family, Sheikh Abdullah Bin Nasser Al-Thani payed 48.30 Million Euro including the club's debits to buy the Spanish club Malaga. The announcment was made yesterday in Malaga's club itself with the attendence of Sheikh Abdullah Bin Naser Al-Thani and the club's president Fernando Sanz.
It seems like the new trend is buying football clubs .. FCBarcelona ? anyone ?

Germany vs England WC2010

I've been saving this funny world cup advertisement until the two rivals meet in the world cup 2010. Do not miss the thrilling match between Germany and England today at 5 pm (kuwait time) fighting for the quarter finals.

The Best Place to Watch the World Cup in Dubai

If you're going to visit Dubai during the world cup I advise you to watch the world cup matches in Dubai mall, why ? .. Because they have the biggest HD TV you might ever see made by Samsung, including two coffee shops that offers whatever you need from food or drinks one in the first floor called MB.CO and the second in the second floor called Dome.

The TV is located in Dubai Mall's skate rink. I wonder if I could buy this TV for my "Dewaneya" !

Let's Talk Food - KUWEAT

KUWEAT is a website that gives you reviews of all kinds of restaurants and cafe's in Kuwait and different places around the world. I'm a #1 food addict so this could be a good way to guide me through good food in and outside Kuwait.

Here is a message from KUWEAT:

"For many years we have battled to find the perfect restaurant, the perfect setting, the perfect dish; alas we have settled in creating our own standard. Over time our food passion filled writers have traveled and experimented with local cuisines. After numerous appetizers, a hand full of entrĂ©es and endless desserts, we have put our thoughts on paper. Different from any other review site you will visit, ours teaches you how to “Kuweat”. We review our favorite restaurants and new discovered recipes from all over to cater to the Kuwaiti taste; standard that with the help of every local restaurant and years of travelling to the restaurant capitals of the world, we have perfected. Read, Kuweat and enjoy."

Click here for their official website
Click here for their Facebook group

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Marriage In The Water

A young couple decided to get married under water while exchanging vows in a shark tank. It's great to make your wedding feel extra special by doing something new and unique.

Friday, June 25, 2010

iPhone Cools You?

I don't get how I can cool myself off by buying an iphone 3GS from Future. I've seen the advertisement in Cinescape's website and my first thought was that it's an ad for an ice cream. I was also confused because I don't remember Future's store buying anything other than Nokia. I see that as a bad advertisement method.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Garrett Popcorn In Kuwait

I've talked about the amazing and delightful taste of the Garrett Popcorn, well guess what? It is now available in Kuwait!

Garrett's popcorn comes fresh straight from dubai to your house, fresh as if you bought it from the store. You can have your garrett popcorn with different flavors [Caramel, Cheese, Butter, Plain, Chicago Mix, Caramel with pecans, Caramel with cashew]
Hurry up and reserve yours now:
Tel: 6767 0250 - 66 838 321

Must See: Twisted Metal PS3

One of my all time favorite childhood video games TWISTED METAL will finally be released on PS3. I can not wait for the explosive car combat series to be out in stores. Twisted Metal Numb will be exclusively on the PS3 system. It's release date is to be announced in 2011

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bobble Brush

The perfect way to keep your toothbrush away from germs or falling to the bathroom floor, because we all know that once the toothbrush touches the floor it's over and you have to buy a new one. Bobble Brush is a toothbrush stand that turns your toothbrush into a wobbling "weeble". It will be always upright and clean !

They have different colors ( Green - Grey - Pink ) and the price of Bobble Brush is 3.700KD, with shipping 5.500KD.

Click here to order.

The Heat and Your "Deldug"

In this video Mohammed Al-San'osi talked about what we used to call it "Deldug" or armpit in English. However, the weather in Kuwait is like living in an oven and you can almost smell your skin burning in this heat !

I don't want to go deep in the armpit issue, so be prepared and always use deodorant ! :p

Sports Fashion

The new fashion for the world cup, don't be shocked when you see women wearing them in the malls!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Toy Story Discovers Google

This is so funny, I've always loved Toy Story and I can not wait for the new series to be released in the cinemas.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kitten Born With Two Faces

This is really weird, sob7an allah.

Melissa Jelly Shoes

A new habba in Kuwait for women, a brazilian shoe brand named Melissa that makes plastic shoes which smell like bubble gum. What's new about it? You'll buy it, smell it then wear it!
You can find it in Lime Light Al-Avenues.

A Man Gets Married 130 Times

Monday, June 14, 2010

Iron Man Macbook

Iron Man lighting the Apple. I love the idea.
via etsy

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Herbal Compresses

Herbal Compresses is a method of treatment employed in traditional Thai massage. I received 2 herbal compresses from Spa Time. They are really amazing for the body and can let your body freshen up.
All you have to do is put it in the microwave for 2 minutes and as it comes out hot just tap, pound, roll, twist, spread or dab the ball to the body. It relaxes the muscles, stimulates the nerves, nourishes the skin, increases energy flow and improves circulation.
The compress contains a combination of herbs. It has a relaxant effect while performing a massage, it nourishes and revitalize the skin with it's herbs composition while adding a warming effect to the body.

You can try/get Herbal Compresses in Spa Time at Al-Mohalab Mall
Tel: 22629010

Saturday, June 12, 2010

UVSunSense : Protect Your Skin

A great idea for those who love to have a perfect tan without being burned in the hot sun, specially when we all know that the heat in Kuwait is almost 50 C. UVSunSense is a wristband provides you with a simple sun-sensitive gauge through color change that alerts you when you need to reapply sunscreen and when to get out of the sun and its potential damaging effects.

Just apply the sunscreen over your body and the sensitive wristband, it will change it's color from orange to purple. The wristband will turn into brown when it's time for more sunscreen and pink when you have to stop for the day.

They are easy to use and definitely will help you to protect your skin from burning and cancer. You can order yours through

Friday, June 11, 2010

Review : ChitChat

We were invited to the soft opening of a new restaurant/cafe with a unique touch and delicious food called ChitChat. I was amazed when I first saw the decorations of the place which is extremely cool.

ChitChat gave us the opportunity to try almost every dish in the menu from appetizers to desserts and to be honest I loved them all specially the sliders.

Also one of my favorites is an appetizer, it's a baked bread with white cheese something you just can't resist !

The drinks were very refreshing. We tried Peach Bull ( Peach - RedBull ), Strawberry Mojito ( Strawberry - Lemon - Mint - Soda ) and Apple with Peach.

In total, the atmosphere was incredible and we really enjoyed the food there. The opening will be today and they will be airing the world cup, so for those who would love to watch the world cup in a kinda elegant place instead of sheesha places I advice you to give it a try and visit ChitChat.

ChitChat is located in Fintas - Al Aqeelah Beach - Seashore 209
Lobby level (Right side from the main entrance)
Tel : 254 5 5555
Fax : 254 5 5550

Competition: Oishii Sushi World Cup

Oishii Sushi is making an exciting new competition for the World Cup. Before the games there will be a question in Oishii Sushi's Facebook Page asking about your thoughts about the games results.
All you have to do is guess the right answer and you could win a free coupon and enjoy the lovely taste of Oishii Sushi!

Click here to start your competition.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Shakira - Waka Waka World Cup SA

An absolutely amazing song by Shakira representing the World Cup, this time for Africa!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Baby Trying To Sleep

This baby totally reminded me when I was in school trying to sleep over the boring lectures.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Soccer Aid 2010

Soccer Aid is a charity event which was held yesterday between England and ROW (The Rest Of The World) in regards to the poor children including victims of Haiti. The arena was filled with legendary stars like Zinedine Zidane, Louis Figo and Ryan Giggs who faced England legends like Alan Shearer, David Seaman and Teddy Sheringham.
Big celebrities also participated like Mike Myers, Woody Harrelson and Robbie Williams. The match was referee'd by Pierluigi Collina, one of the world's best referees!
The match resulted in a 2-2 draw and ended in a penalty shoot-out which Woody Harrelson sealed as the winning goal.

Click here to watch the penalty shoot-out.


They are so adorable.
via Busyra

Monday, June 7, 2010

iPhone 4

Multitasking, HD video recording, 5 Megapixel Camera with LED flash, face to face phone calls and much more will be in the new iPhone 4. It seems like Apple just dropped one of their heavy bombs, they announced that the 15th of June people will be able to pre-order their new iPhone from any Apple retail store.

To see the whole features click here.

Review : hTC Desire

This is more like a mini-review on Eureka too since they’re the store I purchased my hTC Desire from. I wasn’t satisfied at all with the experience I had with Eureka but they were the best choice from the 3 stores selling the hTC Desire unofficially, it still has not been officially released in the middle east, you can go to hTC’s website and select the middle east only to see how far behind we are in phone models. That is why for store’s to profit they have to bring phones unofficially released because it takes forever otherwise. A big surprise to some of you, even the iPhone isn’t official in Kuwait (not even in the coming soon category) let alone the recently released bigger version of the iPhone lacking multi-tasking, the iPad.

These were the current offers I had to pick from

Al Ghanim (Xcite) - 249KD - 1 Year( Warranty )
Eureka - 219KD - 1 Year ( Warranty )
Electrozan - 219KD - 30 Days ( Warranty )

Clearly Eureka was the better choice, so I went to Eureka got the phone with an extended 1 year warranty (They charge you 7% of the product price for 1 extra year and 11% for 2 extra years). So that’s just about 234KD, added a 16GB memory card for 13KD, hit 247KD total. The sales person warned me the device didn’t have Arabic which I was already aware of and didn’t mind. I went home all hyped up, noticed Desire’s box was all in German, opened the box and all the catalogs were in German too, funny I’d end up in this situation in an Arabic country with English as second language, kind of ticked me off.

Switched the phone on only to be surprised with a T-Mobile logo popping up.

So now I’m stuck with a T-Mobile firmware which wasn’t part of the deal, I felt ripped off because they probably got the phone for free, unlocked it and sold it. Won’t be surprised if they get sued for this, it’s not legit at all. People should by now know how far stores are crossing the red line to sell the latest phones and we’re the ones that suffer. If they warned me before purchase that it was T-Mobile firmware I would have bought it elsewhere. It’s sold for around 150KD in Amazon UK, I didn’t pay an extra 70KD only to get a T-Mobile ripoff.

Now to the phone itself, when it comes to hardware hTC Desire is without doubt one of the top devices in the competition at the moment, iPhone 3GS wouldn’t come close with a 400Mhz Processor compared to Desire’s 1000Mhz Snapdragon. Let’s just hope the iPhone 4G sheds some light.

On to software, the Desire obviously operates using Android, which is the main reason why I bought the phone. Android’s sales hit 2nd this quarter just behind RIM(blackberry) which is an amazing achievement knowing that the Android first hit markets only 18 months ago, now they have over 50,000 applications. Desire runs on Esclair (2.1) and I can’t wait for it to update to Froyo 2.2 (Frozen Yogurt). There are so many features I can’t wait to get my hands on like storing apps in the memory card and making my phone a hotspot where up to 8 devices can connect at the same time and of course having the new JIT (just in time) technology making the device run 2-5 times faster.

To me, I honestly see hTC’s Sense UI (User interface) as a disadvantage for one major reason. It takes way too long for hTC’s Sense to integrate on an updated version. I mean sure I get to have a really cool looking theme with a few extra apps but I would rather have my phone updated on the day of the update release and lose all those extra features. That’s why you see hTC users rooting their devices like crazy to get Froyo in and Sense out. In Sony Ericson’s case it’s a complete disaster, they are way behind when it comes to software, the 4.0 inch x10 runs Donut (1.6) and is expected to be upgraded to Esclair (2.1) by the end of the year yet people are already running Froyo (2.2) on other devices right this moment! They need a lot of catching up to do if they want to stay in competition. All this falling behind in updates on hTC and SE devices is because they need time to make their applications and UI’s compatible with the newer version of Android. This why Nexus one has an advantage, it runs on Vanilla OS, which updates instantly when a newer version is out.

To conclude, I’m loving every aspect of the phone, I’m just pissed off at Eureka abrupt actions. Feel free to leave any questions about the phone and I’ll reply whenever I have time in my hands.

Written by Abdulaziz

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Kobe Bryant Ignores Chris Rock

Chris Rock tries to make Kobe Bryant laugh, just have a look at kobe's face! That's so hilarious.

Watch World Cup 2010 At GUST

Great news for football fans, Gulf University for Science and Technology ( GUST ) will broadcast every single match of the world cup 2010 live into a large screen. Everyone is invited and the cost of attending one match will be 1KD, but for those who want to watch the whole tournament will have to pay only 5KD and they'll be able to attend every match.

Visit GUST and get your tickets now !

Are You Ready For The World Cup?

It's only 6 days left until the biggest sports event in history. I just bought my HD receiver with a 6 months of Al-Jazeera subscription. I tried Al-Jazeera HD and let me tell you it is crystal clear. You have got to buy yourself an HD receiver so that you can watch the world cup in High Definition.
I bought the Humax HD receiver for 80 KD with a 6 months of full Al-Jazeera Sports subscription. That's a good deal from the way I see it.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Subway Cafe Now Open

Today I went to a coffee shop in the free zone and I noticed that Subway Cafe is now open, one of my friends told me that it was opened two weeks ago. The place looks huge if you want to compare it with other Subways and they have a lot of tables for those who love to eat inside the cafe.

You'll find Subway Cafe on your right hand after passing by Movenpick.

The Best Price for iPad ?

Today and only today, iPad 16GB will be 179.950KD ( Almost 180KD ) at Eureka.

So hurry up and get yours now !

McDonald's Recalls 13.4 Million "Shrek" Drinking Glasses

A toxic metal cadmium was found in the painted design of Shrek's movie characters, this toxic could cause bone softening and several kidney problems. Because of that, McDonald's had to recall at least 13.4 million drinking glass. However, the agency said that there was no incident or injures related to the glasses have been reported.

The recall was made in the United States and Canada.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Gelato Fritto

I first tried Gelato Fritto when I was at Yallah Shabab's exhibition and I was interested about what they were doing. Gelato Fritto is a crispy fried ice cream where from the inside you can taste the delicious ice cream and enjoy the outter crispy taste as well.

You can choose your own favorite toppings like chocolate, hazelnut, caramel and strawberry.

I personally loved Gelato Fritto, it's a new taste for me and the mixture of ice cream crispy is just marvelous.

To place your orders you can call them at 99485090

No Blood Allowed in Cinescape!

I got really mad when I went to A nightmare on Elm Street in Cinescape and found out that they have cut anything related to blood scenes. For crying out loud it's a horror movie! What's the purpose of removing scary and bloody scenes when the movie is all about it?

I always check the ratings if the movie has nude scene or not so that I can know the amount of cut scenes I may endure, well that movie didn't have any nude scenes what so ever but they just had to cut something!

Me and my friend stormed out just 10 minutes after the movie has began. I am just really disappointed in our cinema's policy issues. However I am sure that they can do something, we'll just wait and have some hope about it.

Skater Jumps Off Eiffel Tower

Extreme skater jumped off the Eiffel Tower in Paris for setting a new freefall record.
That probably felt so damn good!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

World Cup 2010 Theme Song "K'naan - Waving Flag"

I really love this song, they make like 4 different versions ( Maybe more ). "Nancy Ajram" sings with "K'naan" in the Arabic version, they have also Spanish version with "David Bisbal" and the remix version with "Will I Am & David Guetta".

It's the same song played in Coca Cola's World Cup Ad.

What's your favorite version ?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The iPad Cradle Lap Desk - With A Twist

If you have an iPad then you must have this cool lap desk. It's very comfortable and allows you to rotate the iPad without removing the table or the iPad itself since some applications like games need to rotate the device.

You can use it when lounging on your couch, lying in bed or enjoying a cup of coffee while checking your favorite websites or newspapers.

To order Cradle iPad lap desk ( Almost 15KD ), click here.