Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wataniya's First Backstage Event Featuring Ne-Yo

Yesterday was a day to remember from the press conference till the concert. I will show you what we did step by step and give you a full coverage of what happened yesterday.

We went to Sahara Resort to start with the press conference and have the opportunity to ask Ne-Yo whatever we want to ask. I was really amazed by how humble and kind he was, he almost signed for everyone plus took some shots with us and other fans who attended the press conference.

After that there was a lunch at Al-Mayyas, Al-Bida'a. We went there by limos and had the lunch with Ne-Yo himself only that he was in another table along with Wataniya's CEOs. However, we enjoyed the limos and of course the food.

The Avenues was our next destination. The moment we entered the mall and all we can hear was girls screaming with Ne-Yo's name. Like what he did in the press conference, he was very kind and dealt with as many fans as he can handle by signing to each one of them. He actually gave his sunglasses to one of his fans, she must be the luckiest girl among all the fans.

Then we went back to Sahara Resort were we rested a bit then head to the stage. Fans were increasing rapidly and the stage was full in no time. Mean while, DJ Crow was in the house playing some music while we were waiting for Ne-Yo to show up at the stage.

As soon as Ne-Yo showed up and the crowd went crazy specially that his performance was pretty much amazing. I really enjoyed the concert and wish if the stage was even bigger to handle more fans.

I would like to thank WataniyaTelecom for such amazing experience, I really enjoyed everything we did that day and can't wait to attend the next one !

Also it was an honor to meet other bloggers which I consider them as brothers/sisters 360Dewan, BlogLaish, Q8Path and Ansam518.

Update: Click here to see dozens of photos that we took of the event.

Thanks WataniyaTelecom