Saturday, April 9, 2011

Kuwait International Film Retreat - Day 2

 Since I was at Wataniya's backstage event I missed Kuwait International Film Retreat day 1. It's basically an event that concentrates on movies and the film industry in and outside Kuwait.

Yesterday ( Day 2 ) was kinda boring except for two things, meeting the most famous Yahya and the time when they were talking about the two cinema cameras. Their cost were mind blowing, about 100,000KD and above for each camera !

Omar talked about the RED and Canon, also explained the difference between them in every single detail. After what I saw RED is much better than Canon and more expensive too.

After that Aziz tested the Canon in front of us and I can tell why they're very expensive. Canon has a very perfect size, neither small nor big just perfect for film making and anyone owns such a camera will be a professional in no time.

First they showed us how sensitive the lenses are then they tried it on human skin. I really loved both cameras, only if the price wasn't that expensive then I might buy one for me.

At the end, we went to the next event after the workshop and saw a British movie, but unfortunately we couldn't watch it till the end.

It was nice to see such events in Kuwait, hope to see some good Kuwaiti directors.

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