Tuesday, March 30, 2010

American Eagle Kuwait T-Shirt

I went to American Eagle yesterday and as a souvenir for buying at the store they gave me a free t-shirt written on it "American Eagle Kuwait" and a body spray.
The staff were wonderful and the prices are inexpensive and reasonable. I just loved the place.

Le'Unica in Shababna Awlaa Exhibition

An exhibition will be held in AlRaya ballroom starting next Saturday the 3rd of April till Sunday the 4th of April called "Shababna Awlaa". I'm not a professional in choosing what's the best for girls to wear, but "Le'Unica" have an amazing collection for head accessories and most of them are hand made. So be unique girls and don't forget to pass by Le'Unica's owners ( Abrar AlModhayan - Alanood AlOtaibi - Huda AlHulila - Mariam AlMansouri ), you'll love what they got for sure.

Event : Shababna Awlaa
Location : AlRaya - Ballroom
Date : 3-4 of April
Time : 12pm to 10pm on Saturday - 3pm to 10pm on Sunday

Monday, March 29, 2010

The Toughest Phone IN THE WORLD ! - Now in Kuwait Special Edition

The special edition Sonim Rugged phone by Land Rover now available in Kuwait, only 1 piece left !
This one is the Sonim XP3.2 by Land Rover, which is a special edition that comes with a couple of extra options like: a 2 megapixel camera and flash..
The box by itself looks so tough !
Look at the top 2 screws, how in hell could a grain of sand or a water particle get through that cover ??
I've personally used this phone, I ran over it with my car, played football around with it, dropped it while rock climbing in Marina Waves and have dipped it in so many liquids and it always manages to work PERFECTLY !
The AMAZING news is that when/IF you manage to damage or break it, you can simply register it on the Sonim Tech site and have a completely new handset shipped to you in Kuwait.

Last piece available for 165 K.D delivered to your house !
E-mail: q8blackmarket@gmail.com
or Call: 655-699-55

Crazy Facts

While I was surfing the net searching for some crazy stuff, I found these facts and some of them just shocked me :

1) A rat can last longer without water than a camel; and I thought the opposite !

2) Chewing gum while peeling onions will keep you from crying.
3) There are no words in the dictionary that rhyme with orange,
purple and silver.

4) Bruce Lee was so fast that they actually had to s-l-o-w film down
so you could see his moves.

5) By raising your legs slowly and lying on your back, you cannot
sink into quicksand.

6) Men can read smaller print then women can; women can hear better .. Fair enough ?

7) The king of hearts is the only king without a moustache on a standard playing card and I didn't notice that !

8) A lightning bolt generates temperatures five times hotter than those found at the sun's surface.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yehya at World's Biggest Pool Party

Check out how Yehya teaches the people tips and instructions for swimming... and how to save lives! I just love that guy. Yehya is so funny.

Bush Wipes Handshake off on Clinton's Shirt

That's just an awful thing to do. He deserves another shoe thrown at him!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Event : Keep Kuwait Clean

What can we find in Kuwait's beach ?
It's really sad to hear the answer when we actually will find pampers (usually used), glass bottles (broken and otherwise), cigarette butts, needles (I don’t even want to know how), plastic bags, leftover food, empty food packaging, firework shells and other rubbish and litter.

Do you want to see our beach without all these bad things that cause damage to our environment ?
Please take a step in the right direction and come support the Keep Kuwait Clean Team on Saturday the 3rd of April 2010, at 4 pm, on the beach next to TGI Fridays. This event will encourage other people to think twice before destroying our beach.

For more information please visit their Facebook page.

American Eagle Opens Thursday

Do not miss the opening of the leading lifestyle apparel brand American Eagle which will be open tomorrow Thursday 25th of March 2010.
It is located in The Avenues Mall (Phase one) next to Paul and in front of GAP.

I am pretty sure that the place will be unbelievably crowded the first couple of days so try to visit them in the mornings. I'm mostly curious about the prices of the supplies because I've heard that they will be very expensive. I also hope that the design of the store will have a cool fashion look like the one in the USA.

Happy Birthday Salem

Happy birthday to one of my best friends "Salem", I wish you a wonderful year full of joy and happiness.

May all your dreams come true ;)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Seriously ?

We know that Japanese people have a very huge imagination, but clapping by using your hair ? .. Come on !

Even the way they sing is so annoying !

Marriage Hall in Mishref

Mishref will have it's first Marriage Hall [9alat Afra7] and it will be located near the NBK branch, next to the 24 hours mini market. It looks pretty big and decent but I don't think they started working on the place yet.

I have read an article in a newspaper a couple of days ago that some of the marriage halls will be made for a funeral in the morning and marriage ceremony in the evening. How weird is that?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Review : The Blind Side

I really love Sandra Bullock's movies because she knows how to act perfectly and the best thing about her that she's funny, this time Bullock is acting in "The Blind Side" which is based on a true story about a homeless African-American kid ( Michael Oher ) from a broken home and she decided to adopt him so he can be a part of her family who are addicted to sport activities.

I don't want to ruin the story but the movie is great to watch and it's kinda touchy. My rate will be 7/10 for this movie.

To watch the trailer click here.

The Most Awaited Deal of the Year

First it started with major investors, now it's the whole of Kuwait and most of the world even.
I'm talking about the Zain-Baharati deal, where Bharti Telecom was in the process to Acquire Zain Africa (Zain's branch in Africa) the approximate value of the deal is $9 billion !
This acquisition will be joyful news for investors, major and minor, as the stock price for Zain will rise and it's cash flow will increase - in slang this means "Zain's making a heap of cash".
News is that the final step was completed yesterday afternoon where the Bharti officials in Kuwait stated that Bharti Telecom is going to proceed with the payment and the transfer will take place on or before the 25th of March, which is the deadline.
Having in mind that if Bharti cancel they will have to pay a fine of $100 million.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Did You Know ??

I know that most students are already having quizzes (goodluck), others are even preparing for a few midterms (hardluck) - So I thought some random facts and news would lighten them up.

Did you know ? -
1- That the famous Cadbury chocolate maker is being acquired by Kraft food (which is famous for Kraft cheese). - This acquisition will create one of the world's largest food companies !
2-There are 2,150,000,000 toilets flushed in the world today, up to the minute of this post.
3-That the 70 year old Carlos Slim Helu (owner of one of the largest telecommunications companies) is the richest man in the world with a net worth of $53.5 Billion in 2010 ! - 10 million wire transfer sounds good Mr. Carlos, thank you.
4- That Yves Saint Laurent (the dead designer) is the most celebrity making money, DEAD ! - Hope they're putting it to good use.
5-In year 1386, a Pig was publicly hung in France for murdering a child. - I'm assuming there weren't any vegetarians back then.
6- 3 of 5 people in Kuwait own a blackberry. - Research conducted by me between family and friends.
7- A sneeze travels out your mouth at about 100 mph. - That's faster than a mitsubishi lancer.
8-Hitler was a vegetarian and had only one kidney. - Yet he was a dictator.
9-The oldest bank in the world is Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena in Siena Italy, founded in 1472.
10- The smallest country in the world is the Vatican with a population of 890 people.

Garrett Caramel Popcorn For Sale

I've talked about the amazing and delightful taste of the Garrett Popcorn, well guess what? It is now available in Kuwait!
Garrett's caramel popcorn comes fresh straight from dubai to your house, fresh as if you bought it from the store - 14 KD for the gallon including the delivery charge
Hurry up and reserve yours now:
Tel: 55522773
Email: q8blackmarket@gmail.com
Only few gallons left!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Green Lens Exhibition

Aside from all the commercial and business exhibitions this one is artistic, unique and for a good cause too.
The Green Initiative is a youth base activists' organisation tackling various environmental and climate issues globally. This is an event they've created, called "The Green Lens Exhibition" which will provoke issues of climate change in a visual scenario where the talented participants (100 out of an original 218) will present their works in the Lowry Gallery located in The British School of Kuwait.
A little fact: The Lowry Gallery was opened by thee Baroness Morris of Bolton ! - Now that's something to be proud of, well done BSK.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Two Tennis Legends Almost Have A Fight ?

Agassi, Nadal, Sampras and Federer was playing as a double match on a charity event and everything was perfect until Sampras decided to imitate Agassi's famous walk. Watch the video to see what happened in details.

That's why you shouldn't have four tennis stars in a match.

Monday, March 15, 2010

My Friend Met Neil Patrick !

One of my friends just showed me an image of him with one of the best comedy actors, Neil Patrick, and here is my friend's story of how he managed to meet him in London :

"Well, I was told by a friend of mine that there is a great asian restaurant in Tottenham Court (London) called Hakka Saan. So I booked a table for me and my friends and visited the place. It was nice quite with an amazing atmosphere, where I sat down and started looking around and my eye came on this guy and I was like "I know this guy". My friend started freaking out "ITS BARNEY, ITS BARNEY from How I Met Your Mother". We all looked at him at the same moment he was enjoying his meal. So I said to myself I have to take photo with him, this is one of those moments that wont come again. Then he went to the restroom and I followed him inside and my cousin was standing outside with the camera ;p. I washed my hands and he was next to me and I instantly froze couldn't say a word and just smiled. As we left my cousin stopped and asked for a photo so I took their photo and then my cousin asked if my cousin (Me) can take a photo too and he said sure so I said to him "Neil, I've seen all the seasons, Cracked me up" and took the photo. Went back to the Hotel and realized that with my photo he had a little smile on his face and with my cousin he didn't smile hahaha!. Now thats my story and how I met Neil Patrick Harris"

Thanks Abdulla

Even Seconds Matter

That's what I love about sports. Anything can happen within the last seconds of the game. Check out the extraordinary twist.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

She was in Kuwait today !

Former U.S Secretary Condoleezza Rice arrived to Kuwait today as key speaker in a seminar titled "Developments of Regional and International Political Situations" - Hosted by the National Bank of Kuwait (NBK).
The former U.S Secretary served during the George W. Bush administration and was the first African-American woman Secretary of State.

Pagani Zonda R - "The Finale"

Pagani Zonda R will be the final model for Zonda line to be produced. As the final model, Zonda will give us an amazing car with incredible performance for sure. So the question is what's beneath the hood ?

A powerful V12 engine that gives you 739 HP 6.0 liter, weight chopped down to 2,360 pounds and from 0-60 in three seconds only !

The top speed will be 233 MPH, approximately 375 KPH which is very close to the Bugatti !

Only 15 cars will be available for sale for $1.8 million each. Also they're planning to build one more Zonda R just to keep it at the factory.

Here is Zonda R's official commercial, as they say "If you want to go out, you go out BIG !"

Got $20,000 in your wallet ?

Steve Jobs (CEO and Chairman of Apple Inc.) has done his part of creating one of the most hi-tech portable devices yet, the iPad. You can see the article, previously posted by Mohammed, about the iPad here.

Now here's your regular $649-$1029 iPad. But that's not what this post is about ! We're people of high caliber, so after a couple o' cosmetic surgeries and a finishing touch .......

The World's first fully studded diamond iPad ! For a mere $19,999 (5,689.51 KWD exactly)
- You can order yours now from Mervis Diamond Importers

Some figures for you diamond fanatics:
-11.43 carates of diamond (that's more than some whole sets of jewelry)
-G/H Colour
-VS2/SI1 Clarity ! (For you diamond dummies, that's simply CLEAR)

When Warren Buffett gets one, I'll get mine.

First Kuwaiti Singing Country

Ibrahim Al-Mazeedi is the first country singer from Kuwait. He has a beautiful country song called Living in Tennessee. You HAVE TO listen to the song because it is so amazing. I can not stop listening to it.

Click here for the lyrics, downloads and more information about Ibrahim Al-Mazeedi

Just when you thought you're "in-fashion"..

These are not your every day Zara shirts, not even a glamorous Ed Hardy ! They're called Interactive Geek Tees (Geek T-Shirts), but they're actually Cool.

Imagine chilling with your buddies, or even doing some work at the office .. *BLING !* .. You're in the mood for some music, and what do you have on ? This Personal Sound Track Shirt where you can actually upload *.mp3 files onto an SD card and plug into the shirt ! - "Please don't stop the music.." - The music just plays out of the embedded speakers.
There're many more awesome tees available to order from ThinkGeek, check 'em out !

Handsome Men's Club

The video is so damn funny. You have got to check it out. Jimmy Kimmel is hilarious, he is without a doubt my favorite talk show host.

First seen from Touch Of Meh

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Review : Chicken McWings

I saw McDonald's Chicken McWings Ad this morning in the newspaper and I couldn't resist it. So I decided to give it a try today, which I did actually. It has the same taste of the McCrispy but more spicy and with bones, so yes it's delicious !
To be honest, I prefer McCrispy because they're bigger and have no bones.

I'll Be Expecting Answers !

Let's see who's got the brains for this, it's in Arabic but still that does not mean it's impossible to solve ! - Let the comments roll, and wait for the answer in 2 days

Hint: Nothing is as it seems.

Update : (The puzzle IS the picture itself, and the answers are within)

Update (2) The Answers :
-Name : HLAL
-Ritbitah : Naqeeb
-Sayartah : Chevrolet (Shafar)
-Model : 2005

Toothpaste Head

It is a lot easier to brush your teeth when you're smiling! Introducing the newest way to encourage kids to brush their teeth by Spread Heads. Simply replace the existing toothpaste cap with Toothpaste Oscar and Presto! Brushing teeth becomes more FUN!

No more bribes. No more threats. Fewer Cavities. Now that is something to smile about. I absolutely love it!

Corporations Have an Environ"mentality" ?!

One global concern, especially nowadays, is the environment and one of the most thrilling reactions that are taking place because of environment neglect is Global Warming.

As most of us know most manufacturers are subsequently polluters, except a few who have grown sympathy towards mother earth.
Here are two of my favourite examples of big corporations that are manufacturing and selling environment friendly products- Enjoy !

Please watch the Mac Speech from minute "8.13" to "9.32" - Where Steve Jobs mentions their environmental frontier

Good job Steve "Jobs" !
Well done Porsche, hope to see more manufacturers taking your path.

Friday, March 12, 2010

What You Didn't Know About Avocado

We know it, eat it when we're in a Japanese restaurant, and for ladies you will find it in some of your cosmetics. But do you really know what "it" is ?

"It", is the valuable Alligator Pear or more commonly known as the Avocado fruit, and it IS valuable in the health benefits it carries and it's price. The Avocado tree is mostly grown in tropical areas, as it is a tropical fruit. Places such as; Spain, Brazil, the Caribbean, Portugal and a few more..

You think Bananas are a good source of Potassium ? Well think again, because Avocados provide you with 60% more Potassium than Bananas do !

Here some important benefits you HAVE TO know about Avocados:
  1. They're enriched in vitamins B, E and K.
  2. They decrease the LDL (Bad cholesterol) levels and increase HDL (useful cholesterol) levels in the human body.
  3. Scientists have proven that it acts as a toxin and helps prevent breast cancer and prostate diseases.
  4. Avocado is used to help people with sexual problems.
  5. Very beneficial for hair and skin disorder treatments.
  6. It's used to help people with digestive and circulatory problems.
  7. It is suggested for people who live in hot climates to eat avocado or drink avocado juice because we usually lose lots of water and minerals.
I personally love Avocado juice, especially when it's mixed with honey, or Banana milk, or mixed nuts on top of the Juice , Yummy ! For those who don't think they'll like it much, try to mix it with mango juice for the first time you try it. - It's just DELICIOUS !

Review : Shutter Island

I decided to watch "Shutter Island" since Leonardo DiCaprio is acting in this movie. I can say that the story was good a long with the directing and acting which was amazing, but something was wrong and I didn't like the movie that much .. Maybe because the movie is 2 hours and 18 minutes long ?!

Anyway, I enjoyed watching it specially that the movie has a twist ending. My final rate will be 6.8/10.

To watch the trailer click here.

New Author At Q8 BlackMarket

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome our new excellent author at Q8 BlackMarket's family Nawaf. I am sure that you will be in love with his great posts because he is a person who loves creativity.
Welcome to the beautiful world of Q8BlackMarket Nawaf!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Golden Ferrari 599 GTB

Amir Bader Al Saud's golden Ferrari 599 GTB, simply amazing !
To know more about Ferrari 599 GTB click here.