Friday, April 22, 2011

Redbull Car Park Drift - Kuwait

We were invited by WataniyaTelecom to one of the best events I've seen by Redbull only if there was no dust in the air since we literally ate dust while watching the cars drifting. It was nice to see such an amazing event specially when you're so into cars and drifting.

It was an extreme pleasure to see Abdo Feghali performing here in Kuwait, this man is incredible and he drifted using his Camaro and the Subaru in the pictures above. Abdo Feghali or Dado is a professional in rally racing and became the champion for many times in the Middle East.

Many drifters were there along with their cars, for example we saw Camaro, Corvette Z06, Nissan Z, Lancer, BMW and Subaru as drift cars. Some of them were disappointing and some were extremely brilliant like Bin Eidan who took the first place.

The first place goes to Bin Eidan, he really deserves it and everyone enjoyed his performance which I will upload very soon. I would love to see more events similar to this one, but I hope a much better weather than what we saw today !

Update: This is the video of Bin Eidan's performance, enjoy !

Thanks WataniyaTelecom