Sunday, January 31, 2010

Arsenal vs Man-United in 3D

Sky Sports will launch the first 3D TV sports event to the public today by broadcasting Arsenal vs Manchester United match. The bad news is that they will film the match in 3D and broadcast it to a selected pubs around UK and Ireland only !

They didn't name the pubs because they fear of over crowding and they estimated that between 450 and 700 viewer will have the chance to watch the game in 3D. However, they will broadcast the normal version to the public.

3D TVs will soon be available in the market and TV channels will start to broadcast 3D content to the public. Imagine watching movies, TV shows, cartoons and sports all in 3D.

Karate in Kuwaiti Dishdasha

Japanese karate master dressing in kuwaiti national attire "dishdasha" while performing self defense in Al-Qadsiya club back in 1989. A great performance and an exciting show which was held almost 21 years ago.

Vote for Q8 BlackMarket

Vote now for your best blogs in Kuwait. It's simple all you have to do is type the name of the blog and your email at

Click here for the website
Let the best blog win!

Mushrooms in Kuwait Desert

While camping, it was very strange when we saw mushrooms growing inside my friends camp. It's nice to see different plants growing in Kuwait's desert and I hope to see more than mushrooms.

Note : Don't eat or pick up any mushroom by your bare hands and if you did wash your hands before touching any other object, thats because there are edible and poisonous mushrooms and it's hard to know the difference between the two kinds.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Herfy in Kuwait

The most well known fast food restaurant in Saudi Arabia "Herfy", is going to open it's branches all over Kuwait. We saw the first one in South Surra "Al-Zahra Co-op" (The picture above), and now they're going to open a new branch also in Qadisya besides Kanafani (The picture below).

I tried "Herfy" once, the prices are very good compared to other restaurants and it wasn't bad. It kinda reminds me of "Al-Batreeq" restaurant.

But to be honest, I prefer other restaurants over Herfy .. It's just my opinion !

Update : According to our readers, the first Herfy restaurant was in Jabriya.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bigger Red Bull Cans ?

Yesterday I noticed that the size of Red Bull cans became bigger than the old ones. I wasn't sure enough until I put the two cans close to each other and I was right !

So .. they want us to be like superman instead of the old wings ? hmmmm

Apple Unveils - iPad Touchscreen Tablet

iPad is a combination between Laptops and Smartphones. It's slim, have more features and better than the both device categories. Having an iPad is just like having a very huge iPhone, except the fact that you can't put it in your pocket.

Main Features :

9.7 inch- (25cm-) multi-touch display
1 GHz Apple processor
16-64 GB of flash memory
0.5in- (1.25cm) thick
Weighs 1.5lbs (0.7kgs)
Uses the same iPhone/iPod charger

There will be two kind of iPads, WiFi version and WiFi/3G version which is better. The device will be available after two months from now and for the WiFi/3G version it will be in the market after three months from now. I just can't wait !

Thanks Jopiter

Nadal, Will You Marry Me?

This is a must see everybody. A female fan proposes to Rafael Nadal at the tennis court. Look at nadal's face after hearing what she said. That totally cracked me up.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Death Race

It's very sad to hear that many young teenagers passed away because of car accidents, and even more sad when we notice that the accidents happened because they were racing. Yesterday we heard about five teenagers ( 17-20 years old and one of them is 30 ) that have been killed and 18 injured in a tragic accident in Doha, Kuwait. The accident happened when two cars began to race and crashed while speeding, what made the accident more tragic is that one of the cars drifted away from the road toward the crowds. Click here for the review video from Alwatan TV.

Enna lellah wa 2enna elaih raje3on ..

Note : Some say five were killed and the others say seven.

Muse - Knights Of Cydonia A Capella ( Must Watch )

One of my friends uploaded this video on Facebook and the music still ringing in my head, the video is hilarious I like it ! .. It's made by voice and hand clapping only. To see the original song click here.

Thanks MuerTeQ8

Key Holder

I'm famous about losing things especially when it comes to my keys, so while my brother was in france he got me this cool magnetic key holder that you can attach on the refrigerator. It looks like a person who is attached to the fridge from one hand while holding the keys on the other hand with a cool red person shape.
From now on I don't need to worry about looking for my keys again!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Walmart Clown Commercial

This is a hilarious commercial by Walmart. Check it out it's so funny. Oh It would be totally awesome if we had Walmart in kuwait.

Monday, January 25, 2010

"Wild It" : Caribou's Cheesecake Toppings

I just love Caribou's creative ideas, specially when the idea is to make something I love becomes more delicious and tasty. We all know that Caribou has the original cheesecakes from the well known "The Cheesecake Factory", their cakes are beyond amazing. Now imagine adding your best flavor/flavors to the cheesecake ?

Now only in Caribou you can add any or all of your favorite toppings to your cheesecake with only 300 fils, as you can see in the picture above my friend Az just couldn't help himself and he added all the things he likes on his cheesecake.

The Toppings are ( Chocolate Chips - Drizzle Chocolate/Caramel - Marshmallow - Snickers - Oreo - Whipped Cream - Andes Mint )

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Rumors : Johnny Depp Died

Ok for those who start this rumor .. please stop lying to people, believing your lies and spreading it. Johnny Depp is one of the great actors and people shouldn't just follow the rumors and broadcast without checking reliable resources first ! .. Johnny Depp is not dead.

I was surprised when I first heard the news, but I learned to never trust anything I hear or read on Twitter and Blackberry. The news that been spread is from an old article posted 6 years ago, it says that he died because of an accident in France ( Check the article ).

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bear's Tongue

This is a good advantage for brown bear's to reach things by their tongue from far distances.
I assume that he's starving right now!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Good Luck Bader !

Bader Al-Mutawaa just finished his second day of training in Malaga Club, Spain. It will take the club 10 days of training courses including a friendly match to decide whether they want Bader or not in their team. Officials say that Bader Al-Mutawaa is a reasonable choice to be one of their new team members this winter before the transfer window shuts down. See the footage of his trial in "4thringroad".

Best of luck Bader, we're proud of you !

"Mahrajan Liali Febrayer" Schedule

"Mahrajan Liali Febrayer" or "February Nights Festival" will starts on Tuesday the 2nd of February and ends on Saturday the 27th of the same month. It seems that this year the festival will be bigger and more entertaining than the past years. I loved the way they ordered their events, specially the one on Thursday the 11th since "Abu Baker Salem", "Nabeel Shua'al" and "Asala" will perform at the same day !

The tickets will be available for Zain users only, you can buy them at Zain branches in ( Avenues - 360 Mall - Airport - Souq Sharq ) from the 25th of January till 26th of January .. Yeah for two days only !

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Warsha is the first kuwaiti concept that offers professional @Location IT services that are tailored to enhance your technology experience. Their services provide an extensive range of IT solutions no matter what your device make or brands is. Their mission is to help both home-users and small-to-medium businesses by providing them with fast, reliable and affordable IT solutions.

They have a variety of computer services like checking and fixing computers, software services and hardware services.

Call or message them at 949 040 40

American Eagle in Kuwait

The famous "American Eagle" will be opening soon in the avenues mall. It will be located in phase one next to Paul and in front of GAP. I'm a fan of American Eagle and I hope they don't increase the prices so that we wont have to order things online.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Viva + Mac = Great Deal

Imagine having the fastest internet and the most secure laptop with a great price. Don't miss your chance at X-Cite.

Review: Law Abiding Citizen

What a fantastic movie! It is definitely worth watching. It makes you wonder, jump, think, get stunned and feel the thrill. A fantastic movie from the very beginning till the end. The acting was superb especially gerard butler, he did an awesome job. I don't want to ruin the story for you so I recommend you to watch it either on DVD or cinema.

Click here to watch the trailer
I rate the movie 9/10

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lost Dog

As received by Yaqoub:
"I found an adorable female dog today in the streets of Surra area. She was almost got hit by a car, where I had to stop and pick her up. She is very well behaved and playful. There is no collar on her neck, and I can tell from her behavior and health that she is not a street dog. Attached are some pictures of the dog. My contact number is 66361544.
I can not have the dog for so long in my place, I will keep it untill tonight and then my brother will come pick her up and put it in his farm till the owners call. I am hoping the owners call soon."

To Sue Kathma and Barcelona !

The high court decided to look at lawyer Ali Al-Wawan's case on the 25th of April. The case is about suing Kathma along with Barcelona Football Club for manipulating their fans. Kathma announced to Barcelona's fans here in Kuwait that all the main and major players will play that match, but it appears that they didn't ! .. And that made the crowd really angry. The price of tickets were starting from 10KD to 150KD, so is it fair to spend 150KD to watch the reserve players playing ?

I don't think so.

Maz Jobrani - "Fruit Flicking Forefather"

Superstar Iranian Comedian Maz Jobrani gets animated in this snippet from his new stand-up special "Brown & Friendly". I found this video very hilarious and I guess I'm going to pre-order the DVD, it will be out on the 26th of January 2010.

To pre-order click here.

Review: Velvet Cup

A couple of days ago we had a family gathering so I decided to order from Velvet Cup and try their cup cakes. Most of my friends recommended me to try their cup cake as I've heard that it was really good.

Velvet Cup turned out very mouthwatering and delightful. I loved the cream on top which made the cup cake taste so amazingly delicious. The only thing that would perhaps improve Velvet Cup is if they added more flavors and options unlike having only one choice. Nevertheless, I totally loved their cup cake and so did my family.

For orders call them at 97344544
Click here for their Facebook group

Monday, January 18, 2010

Weird Goalkeeper

This has happened recently in the african cup between Mozambique and Benin.
I have no idea what the goalkeeper was thinking at this particular moment!

Coca Cola "Happiness Machine"

An amazing idea by Coca Cola by creating a vending machine that spreads love for each and every person. You can see how people react with happy faces, and they also returned the love by hugging the vending machine.

I think thats very creative from Coca Cola.

Cadbury "SMS I Love You", for real ?

I was shocked when I saw this biscuit wafer from Cadbury, and to name it "SMS I Love You" .. Sorry Cadbury, but I think this is just unprofessional.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Your The Hero

You have got to try this out! It's a heroic short film about you or someone you know. It makes you look like a global hero in a professionally made way.

Just add your photo and enjoy watching being a hero.

Click here to start
PS: If the loading is slow click on the lighter version!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Baba Jaber .. Still in Our Hearts

Four years since we lost one of the most greatest men in our history, Our father, Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah .. God bless his soul. Sheikh Jaber was born in Kuwait City and he's the third son of the late Sheikh Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, who served as Kuwait's Ameer from 1921 to 1950. Also he's the third Ameer since Kuwait's independence from Britain, December 31st 1977.

Some of his achievements :

1- He introduced Kuwait's first currency, the Kuwaiti Dinar.
2- Proposed an amendment to Kuwait's Election Law, allowing women to vote and hold office.
3- Credited for his involvement in the creation of the Gulf Cooperation Council.
4- The creation of the Future Generations Funds.
5- Created the martyr office.

The drawing above was done by me the moment I knew that Baba Jaber is no longer among us ..

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Gulf Run 5

Today, the cars that will participate in "Gulf Run 5" are getting a wash and sponsorship stickers at Al-Falah Car Wash in Kuwait City near Al-Awqaf Complex. After that the cars will be shown to the public at 360 mall on 15th and 16th of January.

Also a raffel will be held on January 16th at 8pm for two special edition GulfRun Vespas, a GulfRun pearl white Vespa and a special edition black Vespa. With all proceeds of the raffel being donated to Hayat Cancer Foundation.

Lots to be seen and enjoyed during the event at 360. Please make sure to pass by the GulfRun booth to buy raffle tickets as well as other items.

Thanks Marzouq

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

N T-Shirt Store

N T-Shirt is a store that can design for you customized t-shirts. Check out the video above for a sample of t-shirts. If it's your favorite cartoon character, football team, flag or even a word or phrase they'll print it for you on a t-shirt.

Click here for their Facebook page.
For orders call them at 99795539 or email them at

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

We Have a New Nickname

A new fresh blog called "One More Second" gave us our first nicknames in his first opening post which is "The Professionals". He also gave nicknames to many other great bloggers like 248am, P0ach, Some Contrast and more. I think it's nice to read what other people thinks about you, and the nicknames idea is very nice.

To read all the nicknames click here.

Multimedia Box

Do you love to watch movies and listen to songs but you just don't have the time to download? Full your iPod and your hard disk now from Multimedia Box. Don't waste your time by searching or downloading because they can offer you over 2,000 of the best movies and TV shows (old and new) and most of them are with arabic subtitles, DVD and blu ray rips.
They also offer up to 130,000 songs which contain arabic, khaleji, english, turkish, hindi, remixes and instrumental songs. They also have quraan and anasheed where you can have them all in you personal iPod.

All you have to do is get an external hard disk, they will come to your house take it, full it for you then return it right back to you. Same thing goes for your iPod.

Click here for the list of movies they have
Call or message them now on 99844586

Monday, January 11, 2010

Review : The Little Oven

The Little Oven is a restaurant for those who love to see many different kind of food in one menu so they can choose whatever they want to eat. Today, I ordered from them their best burger and it's called "Our Famous House Burger" along with "Quesadilla Chickens". The burger was extremely delicious that can be compared with the best burgers in Kuwait. Actually I loved the size of the beef itself, it looks very tasty and mouth-watery.

The quesadilla was good, only if they removed the eggplants .. Because it ruined the taste of the quesadilla.

For more information :

E-mail :
To order call : 2251 7899

Update : I've just talked to one of The Little Oven's owners and she was so nice to the point that she accept my request about removing the eggplant from the quesadilla, also she told me that they have a new kind of service. You can order the whole bar, shawerma and grill rack to come at your house, chalet or farm and have your burger cooked in front of you !

Al-Reham Lingerie

A small flyer had been hanged on my car in marina mall a couple of days ago. It's written on it " A website for women that sell lingeries and accessories with a home delivery service".
Alright, first of all this is a bad way for advertising because the website is obviously not for kids and I found a lot of flyers laying around the parking lot.
Out of curiosity I decided to check out their website and well... I'm not going to be commenting on that. But you can check out some cool kitchen and technical accessories they offer here

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The 160 Mega Pixel Digital Camera

A Swiss company called "Seitz" created the highest resolution digital camera in the world, and it's called "Seitz D3". Although it can capture a landscape with 160 MP in one second, this camera will make a photographer think twice before buying it. The size of the Seitz D3 is extremely huge and it's also heavy.

But if you are the kind of guy who loves to take extremely high resolution photos, I recommend you to buy this camera. The price is around 11,925KD .. The recommendation part was just me joking !

To see a digital sample image click here.

DAI Forum Book Club : January

"DAI Forum Book Club" will continue their activities this month. We've post about November and October events, so here are January's events :

11 January 2010
Lecture by Faiaz Ahmad Khan
“Documentary: Supermen of Malegaon”
Place : Al Maidan Cultural Centre, Time: 7:00 PM

13 January 2010
Forum Book Club: “The Crusades through Arab eyes” 0
Place : Al Maidan Cultural Centre, Time: 7:00 PM

20 January 2010
DAI Music Circle presents
Musicians of Persia
Place : Al Maidan Cultural Centre, Time: 7:00 PM

25 January 2010
Lecture by Steve Caton
“Historical Event and Poetic Performance: Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Yemen in the 20th Century”
Place : Al Maidan Cultural Centre, Time: 7:00 PM

For more information :
Al Maidain Cultural Centre
Call : 00965 25636528 / 25636561 / 24915616
E-Mail : /
Twitter account.

Thanks Sara AlSaleh

Saturday, January 9, 2010

GUST Carnival 09 Video

GUST CARNIVAL '09 from Khaled Al-Ibraheem on Vimeo.

A short video review for the huge event that been held at GUST called "GUST Carnival 09". The video is amazing, very amazing actually thanks to Khalid Al-Ibraheem who created this short review of the event.


A Night for Architecture

A new event is coming up held by "T-Square" magazine, a student based architecture magazine. The event will be on January 13th from 6pm to 9pm at the Americani Cultural Center (Check the map below).

For more information call : +965 97 191 677

Friday, January 8, 2010

Party Chairs

I have received an email about a local company that has a limited supply of chairs which are available for sale. They can do catering for the needs of event companies, restaurants, interior designers and private consumers. Their main products are chairs, wooden chairs which are useful for events (dinners, weddings, etc..) They also offer different kinds of colors which are gold, silver and mahogany.

Tel: 99667220

No Smoking in UAE

Dubai and Abu Dhabi just announced that they banned smoking in specific places, and for those who smoke they will suffer consequences like spending one year in prison or paying 80,000 KD. It just came after we were talking about the "new smoking areas in the Avenues", and I wonder if this law may considered here in Kuwait. I'll copy the points that UAE's law made it clear to all the citizens :

1- Smoking is prohibited in private vehicles in the presence of children under the age of 12.

2- Tobacco products, including cigarettes packs, should contain a written statement and a picture that warn against smoking.

3- Promotional materials that encourage smoking are banned.

4- Cafes located in residential buildings or in residential areas will not be allowed to serve cigarettes or shisha.

5- Individuals and companies who grow tobacco within the UAE, import candies and toys that resemble tobacco products or use equipment used for selling tobacco such as vending machines, could spend up to one year in prison or face a fine of as much as Dh1 million (US$272,250).

6- Those who fail to print warning material on tobacco packages or publish promotional products that urge people to smoke can face a fine of as much as Dh1m.

7- A ban on growing tobacco for commercial use is in place. Tobacco farms and factories have been given time to correct their situation.

I hope they do the same here in Kuwait.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Review: VIVA's Small WIFI Router

We had the chance to try out the new wireless router from VIVA along with p0ach, Buzberry and Blushberry. I've tried the device and tested it concerning the surfing, downloading and streaming. I can only say that the device is excellent in every way.
The connection is fast and it is so amazingly small and petite. It is very easy to access through your laptops since there is no softwares to install. It can support an SD card. I also connected it to my blackberry and it worked just fine. It gives a connection speed of up to 7.2 Mbps. Amazing right?
Click here for more information regarding the device

Picture taken from Blushberry. Thanks Jassim :)

Crazy Lady on Airplane

This is totally hilarious! I have no idea what this old crazy lady is doing but if I were that guy beside her I would definitely punch her in the face!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Get2Gether 2010

Get2Gether is a group helps to support small Kuwaiti projects in achieving their goals. They will arrange their second exhibition at Movenpick the free zone on the 7th of January and it will finish on the 9th of the same month, the timing will be from 4pm to 11pm.

For more information, registration or reserving booths enter their site here.
Email :
Mobile : 949 56069

Government to Control the Internet ?

The government is planning to censor and control what's said and posted in blogs and websites, the blog controlling thing started when Abdullah Al-Muhailbi was Minister, but nothing really happened since that. The blog censorship maybe good for those who cross the line by offending the government and his highness the Amir, but to control those who talk about certain things they dislike or expressing their opinions and thoughts about different life experiance .. I think it's over the freedom limit which is wrong !

"Alwatan Daily" interviewed many bloggers to discuss this issue, to read the whole article click here.