Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Review: Captain America

The movie starts in a good shape with a interesting story line. A guy who volunteers to be part of a military service but gets refused because of his asthma and weak body. However, a doctor from a top secret research program finds him and accepts him; soon enough to turn him into Captain America.

After he becomes Captain America the movie starts to get really boring. The middle part and last part of the movie were truly awful. I tried my best to keep myself awake but couldn't bare the boredom of the movie. I didn't enjoy the action scenes neither the acting in the movie.

I expected a lot more. I would rate the movie 4/10

Monday, August 29, 2011

Eid Mubarak عيدكم مبارك

Kuwait Black Market would like to wish you a happy eid and a wonderful vacation full of joy and happiness.

.عـيـدكـم مـبـارك وعـسـاكـم مـن عـواده

Safari Police Car

In April I noticed and posted about a Prado police car (Which we are still waiting to see in the streets), today I saw a something totally different a Safari police car but this time they were driving it. So far Kuwaiti police cars are from Ford, Dodge, Nissan, Toyota and the old ones some are still using from Chevrolet and BMW.

Hope to see some new cool police cars like Porsche, Lamborghini or Hummer H2 *cough*

As for the 4WD police cars, can we say hello Safari .. bye bye Prado ?

Zain's "عالم جميل" Play

Zain invited us today to attend their play "عالم جميل" which was performed at Kuwait Ice Rink. It was a pleasure to see such a great performance and amazing music done by Kuwaitis, the whole play was in Arabic which made me extra love this work since it encourages our children to speak more Arabic than English.

I was wondering when will someone release a play for Eid not for the sake of money by bringing stars from the crowds' favorite series and put them all together in one pointless play, and Zain just made what I've been waiting for. I also loved the music and their lyrics, kids can learn a thing or two out of them.

Hope "عالم جميل" play changes the way other directors think by try focusing on what the kids need to learn rather than focusing on getting extra easy money.

To book the tickets visit The Ice Rink.

Well Done Zain.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

هدية افتح يا سمسم من شركة زين

We received from Zain two lovely teddy bears (نعمان و ملسون) and a flash drive in the shape of Naa'man.

You brought a lovely memory into our house. Thank you Zain for the wonderful gift.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wataniya Eid Commercial

Check out the latest Eid commercial from Wataniya Telecom.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Power of Words

This short film illustrates the power of words to radically change your message and your effect upon the world. It's a really amazing and touching video.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Spoons Commercial

A great commercial from Spoons. I still didn't visit Spoons but I will most probably do soon. It is a food complex located in Al-Fintas Area at the sea side section.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Bloggers Gathering with Zain CEO

We were invited yesterday night by the family of Zain for a small bloggers gathering. The gathering was held for questions to be asked directly to the CEO and people working under him.

Some of the questions asked were sensitive which included how people would think that Zain are playing with the bills. However, they had a strong response that Zain are not thieves and anybody who has a similar issue could step-up and let us know about it. In addition to that, they made a special bill checking on their website so that you wont get confused with billing transactions.

Many other questions were asked by bloggers and Zain were really generous to answer all questions with explanation and details. I would like to add that the management of Zain were really nice and thoughtful, many laughs were spread through-out the gathering.

After the gathering we had a tour at the call center (107) as we had a look behind-the-scenes of the voices of Zain.

We would like to thank Zain for having a unique idea to confront the managers of Zain. Thank you Mohammed Al-Muhaini for the special invitation and the gift bag.

Solo Churros - Opening Soon

Solo Churros is going to open soon in Burj Jasem right next to the elevators. Many would ask what is Churros ? .. It's the name of the Spanish doughnuts, they're mostly look like sticks and dipped into chocolate or coffee.

It's nice to have something new to try, specially when I didn't know that Spain has a different kind of doughnuts.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Deer&Dear Opens At Salmiya

Deer&Dear recently opened their second branch located at Olympia Mall in Salmiya facing the Scientific Center.

Feel free to visit them to check out their latest collections including Eid and summer outfits. We wish them the best of luck!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

HTC Chacha From Wataniya Telecom

Exclusively available with Wataniya, the Cha Cha is perfect for social networking. One button connects you directly to Facebook, the multi-touch screen makes surfing smooth and a spacious keyboard is ideal for texting.

What you pay:
➢ KD 60 (KD 5/month for 1 year)

What you get:
➢ The exclusive HTC Cha Cha handset
➢ Free Gold number
➢ Unlimited internet for 3 months
➢ 100 free SMS per month for 1 year

The device is operated by Android OS with fast connectivity features like 3G HSDPA and Wireless LAN WiFi. It looks really stylish with the white curve design.

Visit any Wataniya or Fono Store to get your Cha Cha NOW.

Roberto Carlos In Kuwait

Yesterday AlRoudhan Tournament made a dream come true by having Real Madrid's former defender Roberto Carlos to attend their tournament. After that they went to 360 mall at 8:30pm to be exact where every fan had the chance to take a picture with him, and some even got his signature.

Also AlRoudhan Tournament will be having Manchester United's former goalkeeper Van Der Sar next Friday August 19, so be ready !

And I thought I was short until I met Roberto Carlos.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wataniya Telecom Verified By Twitter Officials

While I was surfing Twitter, I noticed that Wataniya Telecom's twitter account is verified by twitter officials. This is the first time I stumble upon a verified user who's published in Kuwait.

I think Kuwaiti CEO's, politicians and other VIP people should be part of the verified people due to the huge usage of Twitter in Kuwait and the Arab world.

Thank you Barmait

Monday, August 15, 2011

Dasman Diabetes Institute Girgai'an Event

We visited Dasman Diabetes Institute which held a Girgai'an gathering for diabetes kids and their families. The event was well-organized with plenty of fun activities. They had question games which was really fun.

They distributed nutritional and diabetes education facts and ask a nutritionist, as well as playing Xbox Kinect to promote an active lifestyle and promote physical activity through video games.

At the end of the event, they distributed portion controlled dried fruits, gum, and chocolates in small Girgain bags with nutrition information/labels.

Thank you Kuwaitiful for the pictures.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Chocolate Cafe

A new cafe is going to open soon at Mishref's food circle and it's called The Chocolate Cafe. We don't know much about this place but I'm looking forward to try it out as soon as they open since I'm addicted to chocolate.

To learn more more about Mishref's Food Circle click here.

EdgeWalk at the CN Tower

EdgeWalk at the CN Tower is a new extreme attraction for thrill lovers. It looks scary but I would love to give it a try. You will be able to walk on the edge of one of the world’s tallest buildings, 356m/1168ft (116 storeys) above the ground.

People have tried similar crazy actions without a rope, why not try it with a rope. It costs around $200.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Wonderful Exhibition

WE Expo. is a new Ramadan exhibition that support and encourage Kuwaiti youth businesses. It has 5 sections Business Avenue, Creativity Avenues, Fashion Square, Beauty Square and Food Corner so you will probably find all that you need.

The exhibition will take place in The convention center & royal suites hotel (Movenpick) at Shwaikh Free Trade Zone.

The timing of the exhibition will be as following:

Thursday 11 August 2011 from 7:30 pm to 12:30 am
Friday 12 August 2011 from 7:30 pm to 12:30 am
Saturday 13 August 2011 from 7:30 pm to 12:30 am

Click here for the official website

Monday, August 8, 2011

My Favorite Ramadan Commercial

My favorite Ramadan commercial this year goes to Quality-net hands down. The editing of the video and conversations are hilarious.

What's your favorite Ramadan commercial for this year?

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Batman 3: The Dark Knight Rises Trailer

The Dark Knight Rises will be the third and final installment in Nolan's Batman film series. A few of the characters in the movie will be Catwoman, Bane and Ra's al Ghul.

I'm a huge fan of Batman and it seems that they are working hard on this series. It will be released on July 20, 2012.

Thanks Mehsen.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

KFH New Machine

Almost all KFH branches has two indoor ATMs and one outdoor ATM and I always wonder when will KFH add a deposit machine like NBK which I was able to deposit cash whenever I needed to. Yesterday I went to KFH Qadesiya to notice this green machine and to be honest I was happy to read the word deposit. The new machine can deposit cheques also not just cash.

As far as I know the new machine is available in KFH Qadesiya and Mishref ( opposite to GUST ) branches.

Zaatar & Halloumi Pizza

Pizza Hut released a new kind of Pizza in a unique style. It's basically a zaatar pizza with Halloum cheese crust on the sides and pepper on top.

If your a fan of zaatar&halloum then you'll love this pizza. It's also a light meal for Ramadan. The price of the medium sized pizza is only 2KD.

For orders call 181 5050

Thanks Bibi

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Al-Sief Hospital Commercials

I love Ramadan ads, hey who doesn't! One of my favorites this year is commercials from Al-Seef Hospital. They have many commercials but my best are the ones with the baby and football.

Click here and here and here for more commercials of Al-Seef Hospital.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Gulf Bank's Ramadan Commercial

The kid in the commercial is so adorable. A great commercial from Gulf Bank.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Ramadan Kareem

We would like to wish you a happy and lovely month of Ramadan.
مبارك عليكم الشهر وعساكم من عواده

Brave or Crazy ?

First time I watched this video I got this funny stomach feeling, I really hate heights and every time I look down I feel like if I'm gonna fall at any second.

Don't know how they managed to do it !