Monday, April 4, 2011

Review: Planet Hollywood - Kuwait

A place I always wanted to visit since I first saw their logo while driving in Gulf Road. Planet Hollywood restaurant is located inside Olimpiya building which is in front of The Scientific Center.

The place is nice, I really loved the decorations and they have a good taste in music too. It was cool enough to see your favorite celebrity's hand print and signature. Also in every table you see photos of some of the top celebrities when they were younger.

As appetizers we ordered boneless chicken wings and Nachos, both weren't bad at all but the Nachos was full with oil. So my advice to you if you're on a diet stay away from the Nachos.

Then we had our main dishes, I had Fajita Combo ( Chicken and Beef ) which was a very delicious dish that I might have again. My friend Salem got his BBQ Chicken Pizza and he said it's good only if it wasn't full of oil.

Overall, we loved the atmosphere and the design put the food was very average and have lots of oil in it, so our rate goes 8/10 for the atmosphere and 6/10 for the food.