Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hotel Missoni Grand Openning

Yesterday I was invited to attend Hotel Missoni grand opening which is located in front of the Scientific Center, next to Olympia mall and back to back with Symphony mall.

The hotel was marvelous and to me it's the best hotel I have ever seen in Kuwait lately, even better than AlRaya hotel only that AlRaya has his own complex with some of the best stores in Kuwait.

First we went to the 2nd floor to find it full with people plus food and drinks every where you go, I really loved the place specially that it has a swimming pool and faces the sea.

After that we went inside to find more food and to be more precise it was literally full of sea food and desserts. Nothing much to say about the food since I'm not a big fan of sea food.

Then we went to my favorite place, the presidential room. It was huge, comfy, has lots of sofas and it feels like home. Also the colors always reminds me of Paul Smith's stripes.

Really loved the balcony of the presidential room specially the view, I was hoping to see the sunrise and the blue sea from there instead of dark sky and sea.

Then we went to Choco Cafe on the ground floor, and I was melting like the melted chocolate in the pictures above. Not only the sofas were full of colors in Missoni hotel, even the chocolate by having pink, blue, white and brown color chocolates.

It was nice to see such an amazing hotel here in Kuwait and we need more hotels similar to Missoni, maybe in the future a hotel that beats Burj AlArab.

Contact them at:

Phone: +965 2577 0000
Twitter: @HotelMissoniKuw

Thanks @SaraAlSaleh