Monday, May 9, 2011


"DailyBurn" is my number one app for iPhones since it gives you the ability to calculate your daily calories and how much you need to burn, this app is like having a trainer and a diet expert in your pocket.

I have been using this app for three days now and it really helped me to stay away from food that have lots of calories by just typing the name of the product. For example, I didn't know that there's a huge difference between the home made fries and the one we buy from any of our favorite fast food restaurants. You can either type the name in the food search bar or scan its bar code and the app will show you its nutrition facts.

Also you can can calculate the calories you have burned from your workouts and costume your own workouts routine. The device then will estimate the amount you're going to lose per week if you stay at the same rate everyday.

A very useful app and extremely recommended, give it a try !

Click here to download it.