Sunday, May 22, 2011

Five Apps You Must Have

List of my favorite five apps that I can't stop using on my iPhone and I recommend each one of you to try them out since they're very useful.

TweetDeck is my number one app for those who have Twitter account. It does everything the original Twitter app do but with black theme which I find it better than the bright white theme. Also it gives you the ability to control your pages like adding a "Retweet of my tweets" page and show you who's still following you.

DailyBurn, already talked about it in my previous post. I'm still using it and already lost few kilos because of this useful app, really hope that I don't stop until I reach my target.

KuwaitBlogs and Blog@, two apps made specially for blog readers. Both apps keep you updated with the latest post from a large collection of the best blogs in Kuwait.

Viber, considered as one of the best apps that gives you the ability to call your friends for free using the internet from your data plan or wireless connection.

There are like tons of cool apps to share but these are my top five, what's yours ?