Friday, October 16, 2009

We Own The Road !

I guess every policeman thinks that he owns the road, he can speed whenever he wants to .. with or without turning the siren on, and chat with his friends or even with a good looking girl in the middle of the road. Anyway, while I was driving back home from "AlJumaa" prayer, I saw those two cops chatting in the middle of the road ( you can see one of them is sticking his head out the window ) and ignoring all the cars behind them .. including me !

I copied their plate number and we'll see what would happen next.


Anonymous said...


pinkdress said...

it would be awesome if you turned them in to their superiors but i am guessing that the police force will stick together and the worst that may happen will be a "slap on the wrist"

Yellow Kurkum said...

Very frustrating and disrespectful. I've seen Policemen on the phone while driving MANY times, and then they expect the public to obey the rules!

Mohammed said...

Anon .. 3ash mn qal wallah ;)

pinkdress .. This is what I'm afraid of, that the police department will do nothing to those cops ..

Yellow Kurkum .. yeah ! they even drag race with other cars ! I saw a police car speeding with Ford Mustang in the highway just for fun !!

I hate cops .. Specially here in Kuwait !

Anonymous said...

i hate them ! they dont even work kela naymeen on the emergency lane !

MRM said...

lol typical :p