Thursday, October 15, 2009

Our New Sponsor's Home Delivery

Falafel & Company are sponsoring our site now and starting to deliver their amazing, delicious and mouthwatering falafels to your door. I recommend you to try their "Double Impact" shawarma, the best shawarma I have ever had.

To order : 22465049


Anonymous said...

what about the people that don't eat meat? what's recommended? :)

Mohammed said...

Italian or Spanish falafel, I prefer Spanish but most people order the Italian.

You're a vegetarian ?! :O

Anonymous said...

I eat vegetables and seafood only

Mohammed said...

Oh, tawny adree :O

3yal try falafel, they have like seven kinds of falafel. Also they have fatayer and soon they're going to serve breakfast, like eggs and else.