Friday, October 16, 2009

Review : Any Time Restaurant

Just had my dinner from "Any Time" restaurant, and I really loved their grilled mini-burgers. "Any Time" are famous for their grilled food, if you order chicken, beef or any kind of burgers they'll be grilled and I really love burgers to be grilled. Sadly, I tried their chicken fingers .. which I didn't like, the taste was good but they were hard as stone !

If you wanna order from them, I recommend you to try their mini burgers.

To order visit : 6alabat


½ Cream Milk said...

wain mokanhoom ? wella bs delivery ?

Mohammed said...

Only delivery

RuBY_GLooM said...

60% of my breakfasts are from this restaurant .. cuz its close to where I work, and have a wide range of breakfast sandwiches! :) I recommend it too!

BNDQ8 said...

Ruby Gloom...I love breakfasts...i havent tried Any time yet.. do u have their menu?