Thursday, October 15, 2009

Another Cheap iPhone 3GS

Its another great deal, "Officially Unlocked 32GB iPhone 3GS" that cost only 279 KD from Eureka. If you're planning to buy the device on credit, you'll receive a 60 KD gift voucher.

I guess the battle of who has the best price just begun.


pinkdress said...

Actually i was shocked with this cheap marketing gimmik. Don't be fooled as i was.

The kd 279 is the cash price. If ur buying on credit then the sticker price transforms to kd 370 (if my memory serves me correctly) since the sticker price is 25% more than the cash price. U get a kd 60 voucher on the credit/sticker price not on the cash price. So u will pay around kd 370 to get a kd 60 voucher. PLUS there is about 10-15% interest on the credit price.

Don't be conned. I was very disappointed when i learned this!

Oh one more thing: when u come to spend the voucher, u can use it ONLY on the sticker prices, not the cash/discounted prices!

Mohammed said...

Yeah I know how companies benefit from credits, thats why I always prefer to pay cash instead of credit.

But if you're planning to pay in cash like what I would do, 279 KD is really a good price.

Thanks pinkdress for the info, I really hate how companies try to fool their costumers.

Anonymous said...

it's so much cheaper here M, it's your chance!

Mohammed said...

loool thnx Jopiter I think I'm gonna stick with my phone for a while :p

Btw how's NY ! :D

Anonymous said...

I was in apple store 5th Ave last night, I posted a pic on twitter 3shan a7errik bs shaklik ma shift'ha! Looool

Mohammed said...

Embla I saw it !

bs I was looking down ta7at el apple logo chenna fee guy bs mo wa'9e7 I can't tell if it's u or not. Bs I was like .. heeeeeeeey I wanna be there ! :p