Friday, September 18, 2009

Wain El Lait, El Lait Ya Marzouq !

The best advertisement for this Ramadan goes to "Asnan Clinic", the idea is just brilliant !

Well done Asnan Clinic.


Anonymous said...

elsalfa wayed interesting, chan zain a3arf esh9ar 3ogob ma gal 7ag obooh gowa o rad 3aleh (Hala)! LOOOOL

Momentum said...


لوووووووول تعليقك ضحكني


أنا كنت بسوي ضروسي تلبيس و كل يوم أروح المستوصف أعدل فيهم بس من شفت هالدعاية هونت تهقى ما أصير نفسه؟ :(

مابي أشكره عاد جذي ما يبين

أحس الضروس اللي وايد وايد بيضه بشكل مو طبيعي تخرع و شكلها يكون مقرف أكثر مما إهيا أحلى

Sn3a said...

i hate all ramadhan ads!!

Mish said...

here is a fact about the ad: it was shot in a 1 hour session ONLY.

Mohammed said...

Jopiter .. loool ee wallah elmshkla kan meshta6 o ehwa ysolef :p

Momentum .. loool qolee lehom ana mabee asheb bel lail :p

Sn3a .. shaklej ettab3een mosalsalat thats why zahaqtay mn el ads, right ? ;p

Mish .. Wow thats cool ! thanks for the info :D

Bo Saleh said...

i hate to say it , but the fact is that this ad was copied from an Indian ad was shot for Happydent.

This is the link

Bo Saleh said...

Sorry that link wasn't workin

this is it

Bizkit Park said...

stolen idea from a funny/pervert english show/movie

Anonymous said...

I've also seen the same idea on a Friends episode when Ross has his teeth whitened

Mohammed said...

Even if they copied the idea, the ad is still the best ad during Ramadan. The acting and the script was pretty cool.

If we wanna blame everyone for coping we won't finish complaining.