Saturday, September 19, 2009

Spending Eid in Dubai

After some thoughts of what to do during Eid I finally made my choice and decided to have a small and relaxing vacation in Dubai. I will leave today inshallah and I'll be back after 4 days.

What will you be doing during Eid ?
3eedkom Embarak oo kel 3aam oo intaw eb khair moqadaman :)


Mish said...

3laina o0 3laaik ya rab :D

i got NO activities to do bel3eed ... Plus 3endi dwam xD

Anonymous said...

Troo7 wetrid bilsalama enshallah, have fun :)

Anonymous said...

Tirooh woo tirja3 bil salamah! u on the emirates tonight at 10? wayed nas 3alaiha :D

Salem said...

Mish - allah y3eenick

Jopiter - allah ysalmick thanks J

Anonymous - allah ysalmick .. Yes, The emirates but not at 10, it will be during Fu6oor at 6 pm ;p

fereej said...

teroo7 o tered belsalama
o wallah ga3ed bel3eed beldera lelasf :P