Friday, September 18, 2009

KBM on Student Talk

Student Talk Magazine counted Kuwait Black Market as the top ten blogs. We are truly honored to be part of a fantastic magazine. The blog wouldn't be a success without our beloved followers and readers. Thank you all very much. We wont let you down :)

Thanks iNoor for notifying us about the article


Anonymous said...

Can you please list the top 10 blogs?

Thank you!

Salem said...

1. Confessions Of A Love Struck Flana
2. Glitter
3. Love, Lust, and life
4. Me, Myself & I
5. Lover's Divine
6. Kuwait Black Market
7. Confessions of a Lost Kuwaiti Soul
8. Confashions From Kuwait
9. Forever Me
10. Life After Marriage

All of them are excellent bloggers

Saad said...

mnha w a3la enshalla ,shdaw 7ailkum next year lazm bil top 3 ;p

iNoor said...

عالبركة ^_^

Anonymous said...

Mabrooooook :D
Enshallah #1 someday :)

pinkdress said...


Salem said...

Thank you all :)

Anonymous said...

i thought it should be for kuwaiti blogs? forever me isn't a kuwaiti blog and congratulations !

Choco Loco said...

MABROOOOOOOK!! hehehe inshallaaa u become #1!!! keeep going!!! oo u really deserve it :)