Friday, August 19, 2011

Bloggers Gathering with Zain CEO

We were invited yesterday night by the family of Zain for a small bloggers gathering. The gathering was held for questions to be asked directly to the CEO and people working under him.

Some of the questions asked were sensitive which included how people would think that Zain are playing with the bills. However, they had a strong response that Zain are not thieves and anybody who has a similar issue could step-up and let us know about it. In addition to that, they made a special bill checking on their website so that you wont get confused with billing transactions.

Many other questions were asked by bloggers and Zain were really generous to answer all questions with explanation and details. I would like to add that the management of Zain were really nice and thoughtful, many laughs were spread through-out the gathering.

After the gathering we had a tour at the call center (107) as we had a look behind-the-scenes of the voices of Zain.

We would like to thank Zain for having a unique idea to confront the managers of Zain. Thank you Mohammed Al-Muhaini for the special invitation and the gift bag.