Monday, August 29, 2011

Zain's "عالم جميل" Play

Zain invited us today to attend their play "عالم جميل" which was performed at Kuwait Ice Rink. It was a pleasure to see such a great performance and amazing music done by Kuwaitis, the whole play was in Arabic which made me extra love this work since it encourages our children to speak more Arabic than English.

I was wondering when will someone release a play for Eid not for the sake of money by bringing stars from the crowds' favorite series and put them all together in one pointless play, and Zain just made what I've been waiting for. I also loved the music and their lyrics, kids can learn a thing or two out of them.

Hope "عالم جميل" play changes the way other directors think by try focusing on what the kids need to learn rather than focusing on getting extra easy money.

To book the tickets visit The Ice Rink.

Well Done Zain.