Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Review: Sultan Center Al-Sha'ab Food Section

We were invited by Mr. Khalid Al-Sultan to attend the new Sultan Center located in Al-Sha'ab. The official opening will be on Wednesday 29th of June. Unlike other Sultan Centers, Sultan Al-Shaab offers more than 5 food sections, each is different than the other.

With regards to the restaurants/dishes that are available in TSC Shaab, food sections are as following:

1- Prime & Toast during breakfast time; it'll basically have certain dishes from there
2- Hot food
3- Pizza oven & Saaj section
4- Shawarmat Em'armisha5- Salads by Pizzetta
6- Sushi by Wasabi
7- Coffee shop

Take a look at a couple of pictures from their food sections:

The best thing about this Sultan Center is that you can enjoy grocery shopping and eat from a variety of different restaurants all under one roof.

Sultan Center Al-Sha'ab will be officially open on Wednesday night. It is located in Al-Sha'ab near Al-Sha'ab Park.