Monday, August 30, 2010

Review : Taal Restaurant

We were invited by Mr.Athbi Al-Kandri to one of the best Indian restaurants here in Kuwait "Taal" which is located between Movenpick and Friday's Al-Beda'.

The place was extremely amazing and the atmosphere just perfect and we really loved the place.

To start, they gave us three Indian special sauces along with their delicious crispy bread bites. I really loved the green sauce which is called mint raita or cucumber-mint raita, the other sauces one of them was kinda sweet and the other contains onions.

Then we enjoyed our soups, "Murg Dorra Shorba" the one that has corns on the top and "Murg Malai Shorba" which is actually a chicken cream soup. We both loved those two soups ! - ( 1.550KD each )

As soon we finished from our soups the starters arrived, "Lahori Seekh Kebab" is simply a medium sized kabab with kinda spicy tender. - ( 4.450KD )

"Murg Potli Kebab" is a spicy chicken mince wrapped in chicken breast cooked in tandoor served with a flaming sword as you can see in the picture above simply amazing. - ( 4.650KD )

"Cottage Cheese Tinkae" is cottage cheese marinated in Indian herbs and believe me the cheese was extremely tasty, we both guarantee that you'll love it ! - ( 1.650KD )

and "Malai Prawns" is prawns tossed in butter, garlic and cream flavored with onion seeds. - ( 4.750KD )
To be honest, we liked them all specially the "Murg Potli Kebab", "Cottage Cheese Tinkae" and the sauce of "Malai Prawns" was unbelievable.

For the main course we had four different selections "Prawn Curry" which is prawns cooked with chillies and coconut. A must to try ! -
( 5.750KD )

"Murg Jaitun Jaffran" is chicken cooked with marinated olives and saffron in a nut flavored gravy. - ( 3.950KD )

"Aloobukhara Kofta" creamy cottage cheese koftas stuffed with dried plums, simmered in a flavorsome and full-bodied curry. I really loved those, the cottage cheese just makes everything tastes good ! -
( 2.950KD )

"Mushroom Hara Pyaz" is a fresh button mushroom tossed with onion and tomato masala sprinkled with spring onions which I really recommend specially for vegetarians and mushroom lovers. -
( 2.900KD )

Along with two kinds of rice "Saffron Rice" and "Murg Dum Biryani", both were made perfectly. ( Murg Dum Biryani - 3.950KD/Saffron - 1.750KD )

The drinks were something we weren't expecting, we ordered "The Godfather" and "Blue Ocean" each drink was a total blast ! Also chocolate milk shake was purely awesome ! ( Godfather - 1.900KD/Blue Ocean - 1.800KD )

As for dessert we tried "Chocolate Rasmalai Terrine" which is cream and chocolate cake slice stuffed with rasamalai. - ( 3.000KD )

"Gulab Jamun" kinda like our traditional sweet "lugaimat" but bigger in size. - ( 1.500KD )

"Kaisari Rasmalai" is a reduced milk dumplings soaked in milk flavored with pista and saffron. - ( 1.500KD )

"Chocolate Ice Cream" well, it's my favorite flavor and the way they made is more than excellent. - ( 2.000KD )

Over all, the food was very delicious and the waiters were very, very friendly. What really attract us about Taal is their warm atmosphere that suits the quality of food they serve, and the design that was just marvelous and inviting. Here are some pictures of the place that we took that day :

Finally, we would like to thank Mr.Athbi Al-Kandari and his friendly staff for giving us the opportunity to try out their one of a kind restaurant, it was an experience that we won't forget and a place that we would love to visit again.

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