Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Testing VIVA's First 4G Network in Kuwait

We were invited by Hind Al-Nahedh ( Social Media & Integrated Marketing Manager ) for the official announcement of the new, first and only 4G network in Kuwait presented by VIVA on Tuesday 17th of August in Marina branch.

They gave us a new wireless adapter ( quite bigger than the old 3G adapter ) that looks kinda like a range rover's key from it's shape and size, developed by Samsung to test the 4G network which is considered under the LTE technology ( Long Term Evolution ). This new technology will be provided to the public soon.

Internet speed was really fast, the download speed is almost 70MB and the upload speed is between 30-35MB and we downloaded iTunes ( 65MB ) within 3-5 minutes which is really fast !

Advantages of the new adapter and the 4G network :

- Faster.
- More Responsive.
- Lower Cost.
- Added Capacity.
- Flexible.
- Global.

To conclude, we would like to thank each and every employee working in VIVA, it was a pleasure to meet you all and thank you again for giving us the opportunity to be one of the first to try out the new and only 4G network in Kuwait.

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