Friday, October 9, 2009

Cheapest Officially Unlocked iPhone 3GS in Kuwait ?

This offer is only for two days, starting from today Friday and it will end on Saturday.
To contact them : 2471 1202 - 2475 7992 - 2475 7993 - 2476 0901 - 2473 2010


Anonymous said...

here's your chance.
now decide, iPhone or Storm 2?

My Books and Me said...

جنه وايد منزلين سعره أهوا مو أصلن 300 و شي؟

العرض مضروب

Al-Kout said...

Wow, talking about a bargin. I think I might get one. But sadly I cant get myself to give up my sidekick.

Mohammed said...

Jopiter .. of course iPhone o ana mghame'9 coz I tried Storm touch screen 7adha ay shay.

My Books and Me .. ee wayed mnazleena o bel facebook katbeen enna hal s3r ar5a9 mn s3ra bel US !

Al-Kout .. Yeah I guess this is the best deal yet. Oh you have a sidekick ?! Does it work in Kuwait network ?

Itsallg000d said...

Very good price! I agree with Mohammed about choosing between iPhone and Storm. I had the storm for weekend trial and totally did not like. The touch screen is lousy! So far iPhone is the best in this :)

Anonymous said...

Does official unlock mean that if I plug it in to iTunes and update it will work fine. is it an Australian iPhone?

Mohammed said...

Itsallg000d .. yes ! iPhone is the best device with touch-screen :D

Anon .. officially unlock means that it doesn't need a certain simcard to update your iPhone. I'm not sure if those iPhones are Australian or not.