Friday, October 9, 2009

100,000 Thanks to You

After exactly one year and 4 days, we're happy to announce that our blog reached 100,000 visitors ! We are so excited, that made our anniversary just perfect and no matter how many times we say thank you, it won't be enough because we couldn't do it without you guys.

Our followers, members, fans, readers, visitors and family .. You've entered our hearts 100,000 times. Thank you from the deep of my heart.


Anonymous said...

Yaaaay that's so cool, I'm happy for you guys, o low blogkom mo 7elo chan ma9ar 3andikom wayed visitors ;)

My Books and Me said...

ألف مبروك

وبلوقكم يستاهل

Mish said...

ayywwwaaaa :D
that is SO COOL :D
you totally deserve the 100,000 for your hard work, which made you one of the best Kuwaiti blogs there is :D
keep bloging, keep inspiring :D

Mohammed said...

Jopiter .. 3yoonek el7elwa bro teslam lee wallah o lo mo ur support chan ma w9alna elly w9alnalah ;)

My Books and Me .. allah ybarek eb 7yatej enshallah thnx :D

Mish .. Oh ! thats very nice from you to say I'm really speechless right now ! thank you very much and believe me, you're the one inspiring us to continue blogging ;)

Shushu said...

Mabrooooook :)
bas I think ina u have more than 100,000 visitors..
a9lan yimkin ana di5alt that many times 3ala r blog :p
anyways.. the pic. is amazing w keep up the good work!

Bader.B.N said...

mabroook :)

ba3ad I hope to see another 100,000 visitors soon :)

I will be the 100,001 :p

Anonymous said...

mabroooook you guys totally earned it your blog is awesome. inshallah 100,000,000 views b3d xD
tistaahlooon akthar :D
keep it up :]

Abdullah said...

100,000 MAbrook, its only going to go UP from here !

I give you full support for your work, more power and success to you !

Mohammed said...

Thanks everyone, we couldn't do it without you :D

Name Is Bond said...

Alf Mabrook! Salem!
Keep your blog rolling!!