Saturday, September 26, 2009

My iPhone is Back to Life

Remember my post about my "iPhone's Battery Problem" ? .. Well, I've finally found the place that fixed the problem !
The store called "The Grand Aasma", near the fire station in Sharq. They told me that the problem wasn't from the battery, it was from my last updated version 3.0.1 that was done by some guy also in Sharq.

They fixed the whole software with only 10 KD and It's working perfectly.

To contact them : 22400461 - 22400460 - 94000402


Anonymous said...

WOOOOOW, finally ha? yallah 3albaraka :)

Mohammed said...

Yeah, finally found a place that can fix iPhones.

بلوق حصيصه عمتي said...

كانت عندي نفس مشكلتك والحل انك تفضي البطاريه عالاخر وتشحنها من اول وترجع البطاريه طبيعي :)

Mohammed said...

I did this maybe 4 times .. the iPhone shut down with not battery, and I tried to charge it for almost 8 hours but it didn't even reach the 40% !

after adding the new software everything is normal again.

Khalid said...

finally madree laish im happy bas i am 4 u ;p

Mohammed said...

lol thnx bo waleed :p