Wednesday, August 26, 2009

PS3 Slim Soon in Kuwait

The new slim PS3 soon will be in Kuwait by Alghanim Electronics. I guess I'm going to buy this and leave the old "AC shaped" PS3 to my younger brothers.


Anonymous said...

Save you money for some honey :P

e7m e7m iPhone 3GS or BB ;)

Mohammed said...

iPhone 3GS ahalee qaloly don't buy it ( ashkra it will be a gift ) :p

bs el BB is a great idea, bs why not having them both :p

Anonymous said...

a gift haaa? I told you so!! :P

well, if you already have a PS3, why buy another one? just because it's slim?

I think one day you'll need the money for something more important :)

Mohammed said...

lool its not because of the shape or color :p

it's because I have two brothers that love to play on the PS3, so why not having one in my own room and nobody would bother me by telling me "hey it's my turn!" :p

Anonymous said...

you came up with a good excuse :) LOL. J/Kay
buy it 3alek eb2lf 3fya :D
o yastahlon your bros :)

Mohammed said...

lool thnx ;p

omar said...

its really a good offer!! its only 100 kd and plus a free game!! but there is one thing that stopping me from buying it from elghanim o mkhaleny weddy a6lebha from amazon coz elghanem ebey3onha PAL!! ana aby NTSC wella mayfreg ana mn 3omer ma7eb PAL coz bel kuwait mako games 7agha plus mathin enna blu ray region 1 yshtaghloon 3ala PAL! so shraikom ashtry mn elghanim wela mn amazon wela bel re7ab:P?