Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Miss Venezuela crowned Miss Universe 2009

Venezuelan Stefania Fernandez, an 18 year old brunette, won the Miss Universe 2009 title, giving her south american country it's second consecutive win and it's sixth title in the beauty pageant.
She looks beautiful but not a miss universe beauty. 2 arab countries also participated in the Miss Universe which are Egypt and Lebanon but neither have won.


Saad said...

saloooom shal mwa'9ee3 , trana 9yam :P

agoool ma tadren wain nagleen el e3ada ? :P

Shushu said...

She's not that beautiful!
Fee waaaaaaayed Banat a7la minha bwayeeeeeeeeeeeeed!!

Salem said...

Saad - LOOL la wallah ma adre :p

Shushu - You are totally right. She simply doesn't have a miss universe beauty. not like Aishwarya Rai.. now that's true beauty!