Sunday, May 24, 2009

New Police Cars Equipped with Smart Cameras

This is from Some Contrast :

     "These new police cars are going to be equipped with special kinds of cameras, those cameras can detect the license plate’s numbers and run them on the police system/database, and just like that the police will know whether you should be stopped and get a ticket (for example if your insurance/license had expired) or be arrested for having a major violation; a stolen car for example. It also detects your speed and deliver an instant speeding ticket. The camera can detect up to 50 license plates per second, of cars going on up to 200 KMPH."

New cars, new cameras for the road and now cameras on the cars ! .. 


Anonymous said...

this gonna make them more rich, lol

Anonymous said...


هذا شعار شرطة الكويت

صكو علينا صكة

شدعوة ليكون عبالهم قاعدين بشيكاغو على هالكاميرات؟ شدعوة حتى شيكاغو أحس ما سووها

Some Kuwaitiya said...

that's just pure evil !!