Saturday, April 11, 2009

Kuwait's Harley Owner's Group at the Avenues

Kuwait's Harley Owners' Group (H.O.G.) will be holding a biking show next Friday, April 17, 2009 at the Avenues Mall. The program will begin at 3:30pm, with live DJs playing music and kids' entertainment also being provided. The bikers will arrive at 4:30pm, and at 5:00 the judging will start. The winners will be announced at 8:00pm, and the event will conclude at 9:00pm.

The funny thing is that it has about 400 members, including around 20 lady bikers !


Some Kuwaitiya said...

Wanasa .. 3ad man68tna matroos Harley drivers, I guess they're all gonna be there.
Sounds fun walla.

Mohammed said...

Yea, I'm so into Harleys. Love their shape and sound. xD

Some Kuwaitiya said...

i7m badliya from moi :p

matroosa* ;Pp

Mohammed said...

lol it happens a lot ;p

Anonymous said...

الهارلي احس سواقته اصعب من السيكل العادي

مو هذاك يقولون لازم تجندس شوي عشان تلف والهارلي عادي بس تحرك السكان

بس هم احسه اصعب

Mohammed said...

el Harley easy to drive and makes you feel like a king when you drive from the way you set and hold the steer :p

ama elsaikal elcover, I didn't try it yet.