Friday, April 10, 2009

Express Service

Well, as I said before, there was a kind of sale at Express store ( buy 2 get 1 free ) and I didn't find the color that I wanted. However, I talked to the manager on that day and he was so nice with me that he told me I can buy one now and before the end of the week they will bring more collection with the color I asked to buy. They took my number and e-mail to contact me as soon as the collection arrives to the store, which they didn't !

I went back to the store, took two polo's, head to the cashier and showed him the recipt. He refused to accept it, so he called the manager and he was so tolerant because I told him about what happened before and it's their mistake for not calling me when it's arrived. The manager took the recipt and told the cashier to make me pay only for one polo and the second one is free.
I guess they have a bad and a good in treating a customer. So what do you think about what happened ?


Anonymous said...

انا اقول هذول مضروبين انا من زمان قايلت لك اللي بالبلوزة جاموس

شايف معاملتهم معاملة ناس تهتم بجواميس

وماكو غير هالفرع مال محلهم؟

اهيا بجم سعرها انا اشوف انه رالف لورين احسن

Mohammed said...

7ram 3laich hathy w7da mn a7sn elmarkat bel nsba lee b3d Ralph Lauren - Abercrombie & Fitch - GANT - Lacoste

ehma tawhom yft7on awal fr3 bel q8 o mashallah b'9ai3a qa3da t6eer bsr3a o meezta enna es3ara m3qoola fa el kel yqdr yshtree menna o ehwa mrta7 o mt2kd enna its one of the best materials o hal m7al m3roof eb america

Some Kuwaitiya said...

Well that's an interesting situation !
I think what they did is wrong, if they were going to do this in the first place then why did they get your contact info. !
that doesn't make sense, I think they could have done that in a much better professional way.
you were in an unfair situation.

Mohammed said...

Ana lo mo wray l3b kora chan q3dt eb bl3oom elmanager lama y36eeny eyahom eb blash :p

Some Kuwaitiya said...

looooooooooool u should have done that walla .. they sooo deserve it :p

Steve said...
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Ahmed said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ahmed said...

After I heard about your first topic from Abdullah, I told him we must see this shop before your plane. I drove directly to The Avenues and after 30 minutes of driving around, searching for the ultimate parking place (well, it was on Friday, so the ultimate parking place is anywhere).

I liked the polo shirts there, and after reading your first article I obviously bought a couple of polo shirts. Their service was nice, they refused to let me wander around by myself without any help from them, which was nice. But, I was stunned about them not calling you. Because at this stage, the shop should start attracting customers to gain loyal customers. So, I believe that it's not the sales persons fault, but it's the manager's responsibility to contact you. The sales person's responsibility is to just sell his products in anyway but without lossing.

But, I still like this new brand. Also I am planning on buying more next time I go there.


Mohammed said...

Yes, their service were above the limits and the products were rearlly cool.

Thats why the manager couldn't say anything after I told him what did happen.

Me too enshallah, they have good collection.

p.s. : you mean Abdullah my bro ?

Ahmed said...

Yeah Abdullah ur bro. :)
i took him to the avenues before his plane.

Mohammed said...

ahaa :D .. because he didn't tell me that he went to Express.

BrandsQ8 said...

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Mohammed said...

ay shay !

elmshkla b'9a3at-hom 7elwa bs elmo3amla mo thak elzood

o b3dain shd3wa 3la tkrmoon n3al msaween salfa hal m3aqdeen .. wallah elmfro'9 ybee3onha lej dam ena 3ar'9eenha o 7a6een els3r 3laiha

Anonymous said...

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