Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Disgusting Domino's Employees

Before watching this video please be aware that the video is really DISGUSTING.
I can not believe what they just did to the food. I honestly will have a really hard time now ordering from any of the restaurants after watching this, they cannot be trusted.
and this is not the only video of them. for watching more disgusting videos click here


Some Kuwaitiya said...

Ya 3alhum Shagool .. Hathoula kilish Noo !

Salem said...

7adhom lawi3aw chabdy :s

Mohammed said...

Are they for REAL !

bs I don't think that they do this in Kuwait because when you order from dominos in their store you can watch them making the pizza from A to Z

and since the two guys in video are GAY then you can accept the fact that their stupid and disgusting

Mohammed said...

that they are*

Salem said...

yeah but you still cannot know what they are up to. There might be no customers in their branch so they might fool around with the food. and i'm not just talking about domino's..

Mohammed said...

thaaaaaaats why you always want to eat from subway :p .. to make sure no body is missing with ur BBT ;p

ya zeen akel elbait :p

Salem said...

LOOL 7ammod you totally got me! a9lan it5ayal mara eb subway wihwa ga3d ysawy ilsandwich dashat 7ashara da5il oo ma shafha .. fa law mo shayfa chan ri7t feeha

Anonymous said...

شدعوة بس اهما كل المطاعم ما ندري شنو يهببون

انا مره طالبه من ماكدونلدز و لقيت ذبانه شكبرها لازقه على الفرايز لا و كانت متثلجه يعني صار لها مده