Thursday, April 16, 2009

Altissimo at GUST

Soon a new Italian restaurant will be open in GUST called Altissimo. This is my first time to hear such a name, but by surfing the net I found out that there is another one in Al-Nassar Towers.

Hope they serve good food.


Some Kuwaitiya said...

WOW italian mara wa7da ... the name is unfamiliar but inshalla good :)

Mohammed said...

allah yesma3 mennej, enshallah good =D

Anonymous said...

اشوه مطعم ايطالي مو مكسيكي جان رحتو فيها

M&M's said...

Thats so cool Altissimo is the one in burj Alnassar in the roof and its famous with its fabulous view and the food is really good! its really fun having italian food in a university ;p almost like KU ;p

Mohammed said...

Momentum .. lol :p

M&M's .. lol lazem y7aleloon flosna elly qa3deen ndf3ha 7q el uni :p

o still we are waiting for the rest stores to open :D