Sunday, August 12, 2012

Khobiz Regag & Nutella

Yesterday we decided to try a restaurant called Hanhum, located at AlHamra Tower near Elevation Burger. Their menu is full with Kuwaiti food like Machbous, Baryani and famous Kuwaiti desserts.

I was in a mood for some Nutella and they told me that they can add Nutella to either what we call in Arabic Khobiz Regag ( similar to the normal crepe ) or Iranian Bread, and I choose Khobiz Regag as something new to try.

It was delicious and mouth watery but I think they over cooked it since it was kinda harder than I thought when I grabbed a bite. What makes Khobiz Regag so special and different from the normal crepe is the crunchy feeling you get with every bite unlike the crepe which is soft.

It costs only 750fils, give it a try.