Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Avenues Mall Expansion - Phase III

We were invited yesterday by The Avenues Mall team to see the upcoming expansion of their huge project which is phase III. First they introduced us to the guys behind the project then they took us on a quick tour to see the whole phase guided by Alia Al-Ghunaim.

Phase III will be like a huge village with more than 4 different districts or zones ( Grand Avenue - Prestige - Souk - Soku ), and it's the size of Phase I & II combined since Phase III alone has 400 stores and 5,000 parking space which is what Phase I & II already have.

"Grand Avenue" has a different style than the two first phases that makes you feel that you're not in Kuwait anymore due to the unique decorations almost similar to the malls you see in European countries. Notice that the roof is all made from glass so it will give you the outdoor shopping experience but with air conditioning.

"Prestige" will be as they say "The Next Salhiya" with all the best luxury stores, this zone will have its own entrance with valet parking even though it has an entrance from inside the mall too.

"Soku" is inspired by New York's bohemian Soho and the word itself stands for south of Kuwait. There will be lots of shops in the area with restaurants similar to the ones at The Food Court.

"Souk" will be like a modern Souq Al-Mubarkeya specially with its face-to-face close stores and narrow roads. I really loved the whiteness of the walls and roofs that will be made of "Chandal" or "Bascheel".

There will be also a Harvey Nichols bigger than the one in Emirate Mall, Kidszania and The Cheesecake Factory. Harvey Nichols will also have its own entrance and valet parking too same as The Prestige district.

Gold Souk and Bazaar are part of Phase III too, Gold Souk will be full of stores that have huge windows for displaying and in a closed area.

Overall, Phase III would be a great add to the avenues with all what we saw till now even though some areas are not done yet and needs more construction. It will be officially opened next September to the public and for those who want to see the whole project check the video below.