Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The New Monopoly Deal

Today I've bought three Monopoly Deal games Hong Kong version, so I decided to open and try one of them just to see the difference between this new version and the American version.

You'll find two decks of cards same as the American version but with 20 more cards on the front side of the box. The extra cards will make the game more enjoyable and tense specially when you have cards like "Go To Jail", "You Inherit" or "Double Sly Deal".

Also you'll find two kinds of houses and hotels that have different values, more money and wild cards too. We've tried to play it several times and to be honest with you guys the Hong Kong version is way better than the American version.

All of them are original and not fake, the price of each game is 11KD including delivery charge.

You can order yours now by calling 97979083
Their Twitter account is @MonopolyDealOrg