Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Review: Potbelly

For a change we decided to try out a new restaurant and went to Potbelly, it's almost like Subway but with better ingredients and the bread they use is extremely delicious even better than Subway.

It's the same idea, you can make your own sub from the bread to the sauces or choose one of the sandwiches available in the menu. We have tried Italian, Clubby and Grilled Chicken & Cheese; all of them were incredibly amazing.

One more thing, if you had the chance to visit Potbelly try out their Brownie Cookies and you'll be able to taste one of the best cookies I have ever tried in my life. It's a brownie that looks like a cookie with melted chocolate chips inside.

I was kinda disappointed by one thing only, the sizes they offer. The Original sub size is the same size of a 6'' sub from Subway and the biggest size they have is almost 9'', compared to Subway which they have is a 12'' sub.

Potbelly is located at The Avenues - Food Court in Phase Two.