Sunday, October 23, 2011

Review: Mrs.Fields Cookies

Most of the people I know love cookies and some consider themselves as cookie monsters too. However, not everyone knows about Mrs.Fields which has one of the best cookies you would ever taste.

When I first entered the place I start drooling and wanted to try almost every single cookie they have. I tried the chocolate chip cookies, M&M's cookies and Kinder Cookies.

Kinder cookies were my favorite, the taste was incredible and I recommend everyone of you to try it out. For each 1 dozen you'll get a free box of your choice of cookies, cup cake or brownies. The only competitor for Mrs.Fields is Baking Tray and nobody can deny how good their cookies taste like.

Their location is in front of Qadisya Club and Sultan Center in Hawally.

It's 4.8KD for the dozen and 400 fils for each cookie.