Sunday, October 9, 2011

My New Favorite Sandwich at Health Stop

Everybody knows Health Stop and how they care to provide you with the best fresh healthy meals that has less calories and fat. This time I decided to try something new so I ordered Egg Salad Wrap and Turkey Ranch Melt.

The Egg Salad Wrap was great only that the sandwich has more lettuce than egg ( They should name it Lettuce Wrap with Egg ), it's great to have this sandwich as breakfast since it has lots of protein ( 159 sat fat - 89 good fat ) and carbs ( 30g calories ). - costs 1.250KD

The Turkey Ranch Melt so far is the best turkey sandwich I have ever tried and I consider it as #1 sandwich at Health Stop. It has protein ( 9 sat fat - 9 good fat ) and carbs ( 9 calories ). - costs 2KD with a side order.

Delivery Number: 1839090