Monday, October 24, 2011

Fatburger Burj Jasem

We were invited to attend Fatburger's soft opening at Burj Jasem today and I can tell the place looks promising. I went to Fatburger ( The one at Spoons ) and noticed that this one has better comfy chairs, great atmosphere and what makes it even better is it's very close to my house.

I ordered a burger and a chocolate milk shake. Fatburger's milk shake is incredible ask anyone who tried it specially that they use Life With Cacao's ice cream for their milk shakes. The burger was good but kinda dry, when I asked for a sauce it appears that the sauces are optional. They actually have ranch, thousand island, mayo and ketchup which you can add to your burgers.

What grabs my attention is the signs they've added before you enter the restaurant, creative idea. *Applause*

Fatburger's official opening day is on Wednesday 25th of November October.