Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sneak Peak: Motor House

Motor House is the place for those who love cars or saw a car from outside Kuwait and need a store that can buy and bring this car here to him/her. The place is really big with a huge collection of cars, bikes, boats and ATVs.

Mostly the cars are used but in a rare condition almost like the new ones, and from what I saw Motor House got taste in choosing cars. Imagine a place that can bring the car you need, do a full check, add shades, buy accessories and get your new car's papers done all in one place.

Even though it's not officially opened you can still visit Motor House and see what they got and maybe buy a car too. According to the sales man the place is going to officially open in October.

Motor House located right next to 52 Degrees, actually you can see their door inside the store itself. ( Right behind the Gallardo in the picture above )

Next time I'm going to buy/sell a car this place will be my first choice.