Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Review: Blackberry 9900

I got the new Blackberry Bold Touch 9900 a couple of days ago from Fono. It's not the smallest Blackberry but it is the slimmest of it's kind. There are many good and bad to talk about concerning the new blackberry. It's better if I list them in two parts with a few comparison to the previous blackberries.

The Good:
1- Larger Screen; 24-bit high-resolution display.
2- Bigger keyboards
3- Faster with Blackberry OS7; 1.2 GHz processor
4- High speaker quality
5- Touch screen; Best for browsing.

The Bad:
1- Photo camera only 5MP with no auto focus.
2- Battery life dies quickly, the blackberry bold 9780 can stay longer.
3- Mute button on the right side between the volume section is placed badly - at least I need to get used to it.
4- Touch screen too sensitive.

Overall, The new blackberry 9900 is a great device for a daily business and fun usage with many great features. However, it still has it's disadvantage on the amount of apps comparing it to the android and iphone market.

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