Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Ferrari World Experience

Last week we went to Dubai and one of our targets was the Ferrari World which is in Abu Dhabi near Yas Island. The place is super huge, I never imagine it this big and it may considered as one of the biggest indoor entertainment grounds in the world.

To enter Ferrari World you'll have to buy a ticket that allows you to enter the place and enjoy many different games that is included in the ticket like the world's fastest roller coaster and much much more. As soon as you enter Ferrari World you'll notice that the place is full with real Ferrari cars and everywhere you go you'll hear the sound of their engines like if there's a race in every corner.

Formula Rossa was the best roller coaster I have ever tried and it's considered as the world fastest roller coaster with a speed of 240km/h. It's so fast that sometimes you can barley take a breath and you can experience what's called the G-Force. I would definitely visit this place again just to ride the Formula Rossa one more time to get the same blood rush and breath taking experience.

 Also there are games for kids and 3D rides, we tried almost everything it's like Disney Land but in Ferrari cars.

At the end you'll find a Ferrari gift shop. I advice you to stay away from Ferrari's crocs jibbitz since I bought only two jibbitz and both of them fell off into the sea while I was swimming, however the rest were still attached to my crocs.

Ferrari World is a must for those planning to visit Dubai.