Saturday, June 18, 2011

Review: Cirque Du Soleil KA Show

After O Show, we visited KA which was located at MGM Studios Hotel. I've heard that KA Show is considered to be a great show and has the same level and awesomeness as O Show.

The show turned out to be really disappointing. I didn't enjoy it for many reasons. KA show is more of a theatrical storytelling show and I didn't find the story interesting neither the characters in the story. Some of the acts in the show were really boring and uninteresting as they were supposed to be funny.

In the other hand, what dazzled me about the show is the huge and creative decoration of the theatre. The awesome stage effects is the only thing that moved me.

Overall, I wouldn't recommend KA Show, you would probably find much better shows to watch at Las Vegas.

I would rate the show 5/10

*Part of My US Experience Post