Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sikkaa Amateur Football is a social networking website for amateur football players. I personally love the concept of the website as it makes the idea of playing football more interesting.

Read more about the website Sikkaa:
" You start by registering as an amateur football player (play football as a hobby) with your friends, then create a team with them or join an existing team in the website. The captain of the team is the one who challenges other teams on the website and the team has to have at least 5 players in it. then You, as a team, play football for real.

Whats good about the website is that it uses a lot of models that support this service. Such as, Challenge model, Results model and Awards model.

The challenge model is only seen by the team captain when he views other teams, and when he clicks it, he gets to choose the team he wants to challenge with (if he has more than one team), the Date of the match, the location (if he has a field to play in) the time, the Field type (Turf, Indoor...etc), Number of players and number of subs. When Challenged all this information is viewed by the other team captain and he has to accept or decline it. when he accepts. the Challenge is viewed by all users in both teams pages.

Results Model is unique, once a match is over. The challenger team's captain submits the result throw his teams page, then it goes to the challenged team for approval. once approved the result can be viewed in both teams and in the front page of the website.

There are two models for Awards, One is for the whole team and this is set automatically in the website. the other is for team players which the captain decides who gets what. The captain also can gets an award if he gets nominated by one player in the team and voted by three other. "

Best of luck!