Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Review : Benihana

Today was my chance to try Benihana with my friends which is a Japanese restaurant located in the Avenues Mall phase 2, beneath the food court.

We selected the table that comes with a cooking surface so we can watch the chef cooks in front of us and enjoy their entertaining style of cooking. The good thing about this table that it comes with seven seats, thats almost enough for one family to watch how the chef cooks.

"Antony" was our chef for the night and he proofed to us that he's one of the best chefs in Benihana with his since of humor and amazing cooking style.

I had Nigimayaki as an appetizer and to compare it with Maki's Nigimayaki I'd really prefer Maki over Benihana. There was almost no taste for the beef and the sauce was weak.

Then we had soup, salad and shrimp. These three dishes comes as a complimentary when you order any of the meals in Benihana. I really loved the salad the most, the dressing was extremely delicious. Since I don't like sea food, two of my friends told me that the shrimps were very amazing and they enjoyed every piece of it.

For the main dish I ordered Teriaki Steak, it comes with steam rice and vegetables. What made it perfect is the teriaki sauce, so if you ordered the same meal ask the chef to add more sauce and you'll love it ! ( Sorry no image for the dish )

I had two drinks to be honest, plantation ice tea and the regular ice tea. Both were amazing specially the plantation ice tea, it's a pineapple ice tea.

If Benihana was you next destination you'll love the new hyper atmosphere and how the staff treats you specially the chefs. As for the food it's good not bad but they need to create some new sauces to add some taste to the food.

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